Handi-fascists Are At It Again


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Mar 25, 2004
Near Atlanta, GA
Tyranny at the hands of the handicapped is nothing new. It's just another 'oppressed' minority that must have their every whim catered to just because they were given what is seen as a rough lot in life. I've known a lot of handicapped people in the past. All the ones I've known are really cool, but, like racial minorities, their leaders are a bunch of petty, hate filled jerks who won't be content until their little minority is elevated above everyone else. This is evident in such things as banning two-story strip clubs (not wheelchair accessable) and Braille keypads at ATMs, even DRIVE THROUGH ATMs.

Well, this time, they're after the internet, and so far, the legal system is going to entertain this 5 ring circus, so long as somebody takes down a transcript in Braille. A group has sued Target under the Americans with Disabilities Act because their web site is not accessable to the blind. Can you possibly be any more petty?


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