Bull Ring Golfing Gator: Do mass shootings happen way too often compared with other preventable murders?


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Jan 21, 2010
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Golfing Gator's thread got closed before I could finish posting in response.

See below:

So I will respond to GG in this Bullring challenge: are mass shootings happening way too often in comparison with other preventable crimes and murders? My argument is that a lot of other cases of crime are also happening way too often, not just mass shootings which happen to get more attention because of the intensified tragedy instead of diluting this over multiple cases in separate incidents.

other cases I would bring up that happen too often when these are preventable
1. the case in Florida of known released and convicted sex offender and predator who was free to prey on and torture and kill a young girl. this was also preventable and happens way too often.
2. the case of a couple in Houston killed and robbed by previously convicted and released burglars with a record of being violent and dangerous.
3. the cases of people killed by deported criminal aliens with dangerous records including drunk driving who are freed to come back and kill again.

Aren't we being selective in which stories we hype up and respond to in the news?'but the common factor is criminal illness and addiction can be diagnosed and cured instead of letting people free to kill others.

So my challenge to GG: isn't this true of all preventable crime, abuse and violence where people KNEW these individuals were dangerous and we didn't have a way to stop them until they killed and the law and govt and step in and force them into detention. isn't that the common factor, in domestic violence, rape, bullying, drunk driving, criminal aliens deported, and released convicts whether armed robbers or sex predators.

See below thank you for letting me respond here after the previous thread closed:

mass shooting are happening way to often.

For those of you old enough to remember Columbine, it was a shock to the whole country. It dominated the news for weeks and people were talking about it in every corner of the country for months.

There were events and TV specials about it on the first anniversary.

Fast forward 18 years and now it is seemingly common place. There is no longer any shock when it happens, now people are like "oh, damn another one". By the end of the weekend if not before this will not even be a blip on the radar for the news.

What is it about our society that makes it such a violent society? Is it the inevitable results of too much success and too much time on our hands?
Dear Golfing Gator
For that matter, premeditated violent crime and abuse of all types happen way too often.
Especially given that we already have the cure and it is FREE.

If you look up how Christian spiritual healing has turned around and saved lives
otherwise lost to addiction, abuse, crime violence etc.
it is insane that we reject the solutions that are FREE and keep paying
over 50K a year for every person sent to prison who didn't get this help.

the problem is the solution is free and only works when it is chosen freely.

All our govt can do is enforce laws that are mandatory
but govt and laws cannot be abused to force people to do things that rely on free choice in order to work.

That is the job of the churches and charities to help support people personally to make these choices work.

And guess who has been rejecting and attacking the christians and churches?

the left media and politics ever since the prolife conflicts got blamed on Christians.
Then to defend the politics of free choice, in gay and abortion issues, the Christians got demonized. for politics.

And now we are suffering the consequences.

If we keep rejecting the free choice of solutions that work to end criminal violence,
abuse, addictions, disorders and illness, which the Christian spiritual ministries and methods
have proven to cure, over and over, in order to save lives for FREE
then we keep seeing criminally ill and dangerous people filling up prisons
then being released through halfway houses to go out and kill again and again!
instead of getting help that is offered FREELY but refused because people have free choice and can't be forced.

Golfing Gator in the same week that this shooting happened in Florida
did you see the case that also went through trial in Florida:
Dennis Smith a convicted sex predator who had been released
had kidnapped raped and brutally tortured and murdered a young girl
after tricking her mother into thinking he was a volunteer donor trying to help her
buy clothes for her children.

That is what happens too often.

We are releasing mentally ill and dangerously criminal people.
instead of treating them for deadly diseases like we would with ebola or diabetes or other illnesses
that require constant attention or they can escalate and kill.

That is where the problem is. and also the solutions.

Ironically one of the leading healing ministries I know of and recommend because
it has been medically researched, is based in Florida.

So if you and me and all other citizens calling for solutions are serious,
maybe it's time we invest in national access, research and implementation
of the very methods known to diagnose the causes and cure these deadly
illnesses and addictions.

see www.christianhealingmin.org

After two such blatantly preventable cases caused deaths and murders in Florida
may be this is a sign we need to promote the solutions that are also coming out of Florida.

otherwise this will keep happening, preventable crime and violence
when the solution has been proven and is waiting to be established publicly.

We just have to choose to change how we do things
instead of dividing and fighting politically, unite and embrace
and promote the solutions that have been there the whole time.

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