FBI Instructs Reporter Steve Baker to Turn Himself in on Friday – This Comes After He Questioned the Government’s Role in Protests on January 6

I'm gonna graft a post from another thread as an efficiency tactic.
That post is very near applicable to the facts of this Steven Baker/Gateway Pundit faux-outrage. Both "journalist" claim they had 1st Amendment rights to break the law because they were following the story, reporting the news. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Anyway in a nearby thread there is discussion of 'John Sullivan'. I replied to that thread and now am re-purposing it here too, due to its applicability.

"I got through two pages of the thread.....didn't read the rest, so if this is contribution echoes another's, well, it is unintentional.

OK, with that said, this 'ANTIFA'-guy ain't ANTIFA, nor is he BLM, nor is he MAGA. He's a gadfly with a video camera who has a history of being a provocateur and accelerator of social conflict/protest situations, regardless of which group is doing the protesting.
His brother, James, a known white-supremacist and speaker at Proud Boys rallies, and also an accelerator/agitator also. They have gone to any number of protests, attempted to intensify them, video'd the resulting, umm, 'kinetic energy' and then sold it to news outlets.
As Sullivan did with his video of the Babbitt shooting, selling it for a reported $90,000*.

They fashion themselves as independent 'gonzo' journalists.

Sullivan is a 'journalist' like that recent Gateway Pundit contributor, Steve Baker, who was just arrested after Sedition Hunters ID'd him and found him. Both 'journalists' had illegally entered a restricted space during a highly sensitive deliberation of our Congress. Both claimed "1st Amendment" protection.

Lock Sullivan up. Lock up that Pundit guy, Steve Baker.
Lock up every single individual who entered the Capitol illegally on January 6th.
Hunt 'em down, arrest 'em, try 'em......lock up those found or pleading guilty.

"According to a seizure warrant, Sullivan sold the video footage to several news outlets that remain unnamed for $90,000. It is reported that he also bragged about his footage being "worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars" to an unnamed witness."
They told him to only wear shorts and sandals when he turns himself in. If I was him I'd go tell them to pound sand.

Questioning the governments roll in protests does not protect you from breaking the law.
Hmmmm, I bet you don't find it anywhere either.
Prove me wrong with an informed credible source about the quantity of 'rocks'.
Giddyup, amigo.


True that. However, is that the issue here?
Or, do you think he got arrested because Sedition Hunters found incriminating videos illustrating that he had illegally crossed the violently-breached Police lines purposely enacted in order to keep criminal trespasser out of the People's House when important Constitutionally-mandated deliberations are taking place?

Seems to me there may be an argument that he was breaking the law.

Think of it this way, good poster Mac-7 can this bloke barge into the Oval Office claiming that he is a journalist and is covering the news? Or.....is there a protocol for gaining access to highly restricted spaces?

I'll bet good money that you already know the answer, because.....well, because you are a smart guy.



We all can agree, I think.
Of course, he had that right --- right outside on the Capitol lawn, or outside on the street behind the purpose-built Police barricades.

Who is arguing otherwise?
He had a right to go where the protest went, which was inside the Capital

Charge the protestors with trespassing and maybe vandalism or destruction of government properity

That should carry a small fine and maybe a few weekends of community service picking up trash along the highway

But sedation?

Thats an obvious Deep State lib hallucination

And it still should not apply to journalists
Cops have definitely done that before but authoritarians like you would defend them. Hell, cops under Trump literally beat up reporters in public spaces on video. You don’t care.

The “reporter” wasn’t barred from a public space, so your analogy doesn’t hold. A neighborhood is a public space. The Capitol was not.
I dont recall ever doing that

But if you do give us the details and lets review them
I dont recall ever doing that

But if you do give us the details and lets review them


All three of your examples confirm my argument
For reporting? Damn. That's straight up Stalinist type stuff there.

Though I do see now that this was before he was actually emplyed by The Blaze as a reporter.

I wonder what they'll charge him with.
Remember that the US and Britain have been holding Julian Assange in prison for more than 10 years. His crime? Publishing documents exposing the crimes of the governments. We live in fascist states.
The hate and division in this country, you could cut it with a knife.

One side is challenging the government (soon to be its legitimacy) and the other side is defending it! Can Americans be anymore divided?

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