Far Rightwing Republican Candidate Rises The Ranks by Trashing Black Americans

So to fix that you want to hire unqualified people because of their color? You are a fucking idiot.
Unqualified whites have aways been hired because they are white. White is a race. White is a skin color.
Why are people trying tom escape poverty immigrating to white countries (and not the other way around) in EURO so much ?
Why are white people living in non white countries extracting resurces for profit? Why did whites colonize non white countries? Why do white governments keep non white countries destabilized by arming people to overthrow leaders? It has been the foreign policies of white nations that created the poverty and violence those people are running away from. And let's not forget the milions of whites who leave white eastern european countries to immigrate into other white countries.
And here is an example of your racism. Assuming that non whites are not hired based on merit.
You are assuming that. I never said anything like that. You are not smart enough to put words in your own mouth. let alone mine.
It would be great if we could get all the blacks out of America. Next up of course would be the Hispanics.

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