Emails: Hillary Clinton Staffers Willing To Target Rand Paul's Family To Protect Clintons...


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Oct 7, 2011
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Come on people, don't allow such evil back in the White House. I know Trump's a flawed Candidate, but come on?! Don't support the Clinton Evil.

One Clinton staffer remarked on Paul’s unwillingness to comment on his 22-year-old son’s DUI, suggesting it could be used the next time Paul “attacks someone in [Hillary]’s family.”

Paul has been a stern critic of Bill Clinton’s treatment of women and has referred to the former president as a sexual predator.

After Rand Paul’s 22-year-old son William was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol in May of 2015, the Clinton campaign appeared ready to use that information to hit back at Paul if they felt it was needed...

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Emails: Hillary Staffers Willing To Target Rand Paul’s Family To Protect Clintons

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