Canadians are finding well-paying jobs in the trades


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Sep 21, 2012
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Seems our neighbors to the north have wised up to the truth of where some very good jobs are. The Trades.

Within a year Harper had registered for an apprenticeship as a metal fabricator-fitter, completed a foundations course at British Columbia Institute of Technology, and got an apprenticeship job at Seaspan. One week ago he learned that he passed his final Red Seal exam, making his trade certification official.

Harper is one of thousands of Canadians to find well-paying jobs in the trades each year, taking advantage of strong demand for their skills and higher retirement rates stemming from an aging workforce. Yet the variety and scope of opportunities in the trades tends to be poorly understood by the population as a whole.

Another sector of the economy where people can earn a decent living.

Not only in Canada, but here in the USA too..

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Aug 6, 2012
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This is all smoke and mirrors before the 2019 election. I read this article by state run media who have always had the thumb on the scale for liberals, and I'm not the biggest critic of Trudeau, though I disagree with many of his policies.

CBC wants to provide some false narrative as to where careers are good (they aren't, and they are even more controlled in the trades), to basically justify all the lost jobs in other industries, and or the lack of investment entirely. The oil industry for instance has been absolutely destroyed. Approx. 500k jobs lost.

The Canadian system has eaten itself alive due to to near caste system and the excessive nepotism, loss of our best talent. Bankruptcies are at record highs as 18% of POST tax income is used to pay off non-mortgage debts. The housing bubble is growing, we are the most overpriced housing market on the planet.

In a system that loves to abuse and crush the spirit of it's citizens, there is genuine panic. We refused to embrace civil liberties and capitalism, and now our economy is getting pummeled.
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