Biden urges patience on Covid as Republican governors go rogue on reopenings


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Aug 4, 2015
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Rogue? How silly of CNN. State governments have no obligation to march in lockstep with folly.

Biden urges patience on Covid as Republican governors go rogue on reopenings
Biden is BEGGING governors not to abandon his oppressive guidance / mandates. He has demonstrated he is no longer following any science but is siding with unions resulting in our children suffering.

I read approx 2 million vaccines are being given each day, millions have antibodies, hospitalization infection rates are dropping, yet he and Democrats are quickly discovering Americans have had enough, that they can not continue to use COVID-19 to oppress / control states / people.....despite Biden's all-out effort to create a game-changing Super Spreader event by letting virus-infected illegals to enter the US and spread across te country.


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Mar 24, 2007
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Once again , Republicans show why they are the Party of Stupid
Here in Florida, we're pretty much open for business across the board, our kids are back in schools and people are going to work every day.

And, yet, somehow our numbers are going down...
Seniors and businesses are masking up... just because DeSantis says no masking requirements, does not mean the people are not masking....or that cities do not have masking mandates.
Many cities

People don't need the government telling them what to do.

Most cities in Florida don't have mask mandates. We don't need them. People who want to wear masks wear them, and those merchants who want to require them can still do that.

And our numbers are going down.

By removing the mask mandate, DeSantis isn't saying "don't mask up". He's simply saying "decide for yourselves", and it's working. Movie theaters, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, sports venues; they're opened and our numbers are going down...
Why did they go, as high as they did?
Don't know, but it doesn't matter, really. The point is that our numbers are decreasing in spite of us having no mask mandate...
Every state is decreasing.

My state has been very cautious, with masks and various lockdown and we've had 700 deaths, a good segment in nursing homes and jails, I believe? We rank in the top 5 states with the least amount of infections and deaths....I'm fine with that...we are also open carry, and have many other liberties, that other states don't have.... and rank the safest or second safest state in the nation with crime the past decade or two or three...

And definitely not a State that likes their rights and freedoms infringed on, (we even give jailbirds the right to vote)...but somehow, we managed to mostly stick together, and follow the mandates for the pandemic...It's been a little rough, especially before we realized it was actually wise....when the numbers ended up showing how many fellow Mainer's lives we saved, vs other states...but now, it's a race to get vaccinated, before tourist season, beginning in June...we just can't miss another summer's business!

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