Another one with a Eurotrash who thinks I'm European.


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Dec 7, 2014
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Some asshole from Europe got the idea to ask me how important that I think Americans are.

This is what I said.

The American working and middle class Americans are the only people of such an economic class in the world, that can afford to buy what you sell.
That is to say that the People of the United States of America ARE your market...
You sell to us, because nobody else in the world can afford to buy it.
You rely on us for your paycheck.

There would be no BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Saab, Volvo or Mercedes Benz if it wasn't for the USA.. because the people over Europe can't afford them.

A manufacturer needs buyers, we're the only worthy buyers you have.

Our low, or no legal standards for what things are, especially food items makes your day at work a whole lot easier.

The legal standard that we have for food items, is to do the best that we can to prevent people from filling the toilet up with puke as soon as they walk into their front door....
Here in the USA we're not allowed to legislate foreign cultures.

Not to turn America into a heterogeneous country, under the oppression of culturally oriented laws designed to dictate homogeneous culture.

This isn't Greece, or Italy or France (old world homogeneous countries notable for food culture laws) this is the USA..

Its not our job to legislate your traditions here, and we are also not going to teach our people your language with the seriousness and dedication that you teach it with, to your students..
As I said... Its not our job to legislate your culture here.

This is a free marketplace of ideas.

And that actually serves as a plus for Europe, they can sell anything here in the USA that doesn't get Americans sick.

If you come from Italy, We'll fix your broken 500 year old violin, but You are just another customer to us...
It is not the job of our businesses specializing in violin repair to give god status to your centuries old violin.

And if its not the same after we repair it, as it was 500 years ago, well guess what pal ?
You need a new violin.

Beyond that, the UN is globally headquartered in New York City.

That's just the top of the iceberg, of how important Americans are.

And what you can do is go fuck yourself, and what you need to do is shut the fuck up, and get used to idea of the marketplace, and not your stupidity that I have not a fucking clue what its called.. other than you think that I owe you my life.

f)uck you.

The idea of our market is that you get what you pay for.
If you pay for the best, you Should get the best.

And if you pay for junk, well.. you'll get that too.

That is what I said to him.

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