International Call to Support Development in Darfur


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Oct 17, 2012
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Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) and the International Red Cross are planning to launch a joint international appeal for US$15 million to support the safe areas in Darfur, the first appeal to support development and stability in Darfur.
SRCS Secretary-General, Osman Jaafar revealed that Darfur has been left in the last period to the Red Cross, as it was classified as an area of conflict.
He said the SRCS budget for this year is US$46 million and is a commitment from donors through agreements signed with them.
Jaafar said that USAID and the European Union are supporting the society in all its activities and programmes being implemented across the country.
He referred to the good cooperation between the Sudanese society and various donors, especially Qatari Red Crescent, German Red Cross, and Saudi Red Crescent Authority, in addition to the cooperation with many of international organisations.
Jaafar said that the society has good coordination with all United Nations organisations operating in the country, especially the World Food Programme, adding that more than 70 percent of the society programmes are in partnership wit United Nations organisations in various fields.
In an interview with Sudan Vision, Jaafar said that the Saudi Red Crescent Authority will establish an integrated village for those affected by the floods and rains in Gezira State, besides that the Qatari Red Crescent is currently implementing residential compounds in various states of Darfur.
He said the SRCS does not allow any party in the state to intervene, considering that it governed with the seven international principles and internationally controlled.
Jaafar noted that the supervision of the presidency on the work of the society does not mean to interfere with its work, calling on all parties to respect the emblem of the SRCS, stressing that the society is respected by all bodies, especially in conflict areas, adding that members of the society are finding respect of the rebels in the conflict zones.
He said that the society will take part with more than 10,000 volunteers to provide medical services to the voters in the elections without interfering in the electoral process.

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