All The News Anti-Palestinian Posters Will Not Read Or Discuss

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Since 60s Fan started a propaganda thread where he posts links to Hasbara sites, I thought that there should be a thread that does the same thing from the opposite perspective. Articles from Electronic Intifada, Arab news sources, Muslim news sources are acceptable for this thread.

Here is one that is astonishing. Israeli soldiers in uniform are attacking American students in the U.S. This is unbelievable. Can you imagine any other country's soldiers going on an American university campus to harass Americnas?

Israeli soldiers harass students on US campus

These apologists are being debunked by Israeli sources. The current government they support, doesn’t have the support of a majority of its own country.

Israel’s enemies are more emboldened than ever. And the only ones responsible for that is the current government of Israel, and it’s desperate leader.

Pro-Palestine protesters return to George Washington University following encampment raid​


Hamas War Wreaks Brutal Toll On Israel: 70,000+ Soldiers Disabled; Thousands Wounded In Gaza War​


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