Swastika-palestine Mob led by SJP's Muslim Brotherhood in (court doc.) plan to Islamize America (Not about the "Palestinians")

In 1975 the Muslim population was large enough to start a Civil war.

Great to see the Jewish people here treated as vermin -- through their own adoption of German Nazi Fascism .

Out novice Hasbara Trolls . You are the the most despised people on the planet
Lebanon is a MUSLIM country . It used to have a Christian large population back in the 1970s before Muslim plestinians came in to massacre, like in Damour...
In 1932 Muslims were 48% of Lebanon’s population.

In the U.S. Muslims are a little more than 1% of the population.

Israel and some European countries have to worry about Muslims but not the U.S.

Unfortunately some Zionist plutocrats bribe our politicians to put Israel first.

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