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Advancing the conservative agenda

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Jul 5, 2011
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For the record - I have long said that this practice should be outlawed. And I still stand behind that statement. Stuffing unrelated items into a bill that the opposition desperately wants just to get that unrelated item passed is so unethical and it is what has lead to the mess America currently finds itself in. We ultimately need to outlaw this practice so that each bill stands on it's own, is debated on it's merits, and passes or fails based on that issue.

However, that being said - since it has not been outlawed yet, liberals have been doing it for over a century now, and we're dealing with a radical ideologue in the White House who is unwilling to compromise on even the most basic items, I love the fact that Jim Jordan is proposing placing "conservative policy riders” into appropriation bills. Liberals love to spend (they've spent us $19 trillion into debt) so forcing the Dumbocrats hand at either stopping spending or passing conservative policy is a huge win which should help America keeps its head above water until we can get a conservative in the White House. Under the current circumstances, this is a tool that we absolutely have to use. Once we have a conservative in the White House, we should move to outlaw this kind of stuff so that moving forward, the Dumbocrats can't use it to inflict their damage again.

Jim Jordan: Conservative Riders Should Be Added to Spending Bills

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