A question about umbrellas.


Dec 13, 2015
England. UK.
I'm not sure if links to commercial websites are allowed, but could anyone give me an opinion on "unbreakable umbrellas"? The Unbreakable® Umbrella

I live in the UK, and the law is very strict on guns and knives, which I am very glad of, but it is also very strict on the carrying of all manner of items that could even conceivably be used as weapons; deliberately carrying any item for the purpose of self-defense is illegal in the UK so you've got be awfully careful about what you carry. UK police website message-boards suggest carrying a whistle, and that a rolled-up newspaper would be acceptable.

So, thinking about what might offer me the best personal protection against rain and other natural hazards that would not be a cause for any concern from the police, I took a look at the Unbreakable Umbrella website and figured that the telescopic model might be a good choice - it's easy to stash away, so it can be carried all the time; the full length version is less expensive and I should think more effective in a difficult situation, but do you think the telescopic version would be enough?

It's a lot of money to spend on an umbrella, and I'd rather not spend any money at all, but I feel like I need something.
there are umbrellas with swords HIDDEN WITHIN------two buttons----one opens the umbrella to become a regular umbrella-----the other Jettisons the "brella" part----leaving just the sword. Get one of those----mess it up a little -----and WHEN DISCOVERED just say "HUH??? I bought at the salvation army---I thought it was just an umbrella

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