Syrian Troops Storming Abu Kamal


Oct 31, 2017

General Suheil’s assault teams have put foot at the Iraqi border, southwest of Abu Kamal, and started storming the ISIS’ last outpost.

Iraqi militants from Hashd ash-Shaabi (the Shiite mobilization forces) announced via social nets that Syria liberation operation moved into a final phase.

Abu Ali al Muhandis, deputy leader of the Shiite organization, said that, as agreed with Damascus, the borders of the Arab Republic have been crossed tonight. Near Abu Kamal Shiites joined Lebanese Hezbollah militants and assault teams of the Syrian Government troops.

Al Muhandis added that the operation was prepared by the Syrian generak Suheil. Late at night elite units of his division named Tiger Forces got on helicopters in Deir ez-Zor and then, all of a sudden, disembarked in several kilometers from the occupied by terrorists city of Abu Kamal on the border of Iraq.

The Syrian forces have already managed to capture some terrorists’ observation posts . Even the terrorist bombers failed to block the offensive, all of them were killed by Suheil’s body-lifters far from the Government Forces’ positions.

The success of this initiative would catalyze the crushing defeat of the terrorists and contribute to the restoration of the territorial integrity of the Arab Republic. Besides, Abu Kamal liberation and regaining control of the borders will help Damascus to block one of the last border portions which had been allowing terrorists to freely enter Syria from Iraqi and Jordanian territories under the control of Americans.

It should be noted that the General Suheil Al-Hassan is justly considered the true liberator of Syria. During the Civil War he has never been beaten. Deir ez-Zor liberation and ejection of terrorists from Mayadin are among his latest victories.

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