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Turkey Does Not Object Cooperation With ISIS… If It Helps Kill Kurds


Sep 26, 2019
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Turkey’s “Peace Spring” operation against Kurds in northern Syria has shown its scaring trends in developments of the Syrian conflict. During all the last week the international community was witnessing the increasing of terrorist cells’ activities and Turkey’s actions over them. Every new case of activity had questioned a claim that Ankara has no links to ISIS.

Thus, on October 10, Al-Arabiya News Channel reported that Kurdish self-governments had accused Turkish armed forces of direct mortar shelling of “Jirkin” prison where ISIS terrorists were held. It’s the “house” for terrorists from more than 60 countries.

Next day, Alhurra TV network had published an information revealing that 5 ISIS field commanders managed to escape following a mortar shelling by Turkish side at “Nafkour” prison in the city of Qamishli.

At the same time, American CNN had claimed that members of ISIS families in Al-Hawl camp exited a riot against local securities.

Sky News Arabia channel on October 12, for its part, reported a car-bomb explosion in the city of Hasakah near the prison where ISIS terrorists were held. According to reporters, the aim of this planned attack lied in the help to imprisoned terrorists to escape.

Such a chain of events is not a coincidence. Turkey’s actions accurately point at Ankara’s plan to reinforce its “hammerhead” with ISIS terrorists in order to eliminate local residents. The escapees with a great pleasure will initiate a massacre of Kurds and Americans who had earlier destroyed their former capital in Raqqa.

Security experts also consider that ISIS’ activity is coordinated by Turkish intelligence. For example, a trusted US news publication “Foreign Policy” in article of October 14, confirms that Turks and their proxies advisedly helped terrorists to escape and carry out executions of Kurds.

Middle East researcher Tareq al Shami claimed that Turkish intelligence support “Islamic State” in Syria by providing logistic, medical support and train them on modern warfare.

Ankara’s strategy related to ISIS causes serious concerns among researchers. The majority agrees that Turkey’s insane and short-sighted policy can set off a chain reaction which will lead to reincarnation of the Islamic State. As well-known, Kurdish prisons hold more than 11 thousand full of hatred ISIS terrorists who’re ready to avenge Kurds and Americans who destroyed their hopes for establishing their own state. Moreover, up to 70 thousand wives and children of ISIS fighters, who are held in the notorious Al-Hawl refugee camp, are ready to join jihadies anytime.

This sequence of events can cripple the USA which are withdrawing from Syria, leaving the fortificated points and equipped bases now. During this period they are the most vulnerable targets for terrorists. Former US special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS Brett McGurk in his interview to the Washington Post claimed that Trump “makes impulsive decisions with no knowledge or deliberation” which endangers the USA and their military. Former official has legitimate ground for fears that US servicemen will be the top-priority target for terrorists.

Thus, Turkey demonstrates readiness to use any ways to reach its goals right up to support of the most dangerous international terrorist organization. Ankara’s inhuman policy, besides a new wave of terror attacks, will result in mass victims among Syrian citizens and US servicemen. Obviously, Turkey’s actions undermine the efforts of international community in fighting ISIS and devalues countless victims of this stand-off.


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Dec 25, 2015
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How come you want to defend the Syrian border but not ours? Who told you Trump makes impulsive decisions? What liar was that? The WaPo, proven liars. No link either. What sock is this?

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