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    Two questions regarding privatization of social security accounts.

    Two questions regarding privatization of social security accounts. Social Security, (SS) retirement benefits have a dual purpose; to some extent they protect the finances of individuals (and their families), and additionally our nation's governments. Prior to the establishment of federal Social...
  2. S

    Biden will not be impeached.

    Within our current political climate, I don't doubt that a majority of Republican house members would vote to impeach President Biden. Why Not? Those congressional members were favored by the same foolish voters that favored Donald Trump in 2016 AND 2020. [In 2016 and again in 2020, the...
  3. S

    Zone1 The progressives ,no different than the democrats

    I consider myself a post Roosevelt and Johnson pre Jimmy Liberal .I do not adhere to the post Jimmy Carter - Bill- Hillary Clinton version of liberalism. It fuels the evil conservatives greed, bigotry puritanism and unnecessary war,since they don't go after the physical action. Martin Luther...
  4. S

    Federal Minimum Wage.

    The Federal Minimum Wage. The U.S. Dollar (as all nations' currencies), is of variable value within time. That's why USA's Social Security retirement benefits are annually adjusted to a cost-price index). Congressional Democrats had previously submitted a proposal, (H.R. 582, 1st session of...
  5. S

    Russian money to Trump campaign

    Russian money to Trump campaign GOP operative sentenced in scheme to funnel Russian money to Trump campaign. Refer to GOP operative sentenced in scheme to funnel Russian money to Trump campaign (msn.com)
  6. T

    Must the American public, request that the China public slow down their manual labour, as an altruism?

    Must the American public, request that the China public slow down their manual labour, as an altruism?
  7. KoolKolt

    Political memes

    If you have memes or funny political videos to post, I’d love to see them. One of my favorites: https://youtube.com/shorts/7kwWgtOqYVM?feature=share
  8. Justin Richardson

    Have you Reddit It Yet?

    I have been spending most of my online time on the site REDDIT for the past few years now. In some cases, a lot of what people have to say about Politics and everything gets a bit nasty. I suppose Reddit either doesn't care, as long as it follows their TOS. At least, I haven't seen anyone banned...
  9. D

    The Earth Needs More CO2, Not Less

    The Earth Needs More CO2, not Less I know this statement will make people’s head explode, but it’s true, Earth needs more CO2, not less. Let’s look at the science with a bit of common sense. Carbon dioxide has gone up and down over millions of years, but the trend has always been, on the...
  10. S

    Ranked-choice voting in NYC

    Ranked-choice voting will be used for NY City June 2021 Primary Election. Prior to the introduction of computers, Ranking-choice was less, if not an entirely unfeasible method of conducting elections. New York City will use ranked-choice voting for Primary and Special Elections for the following...
  11. TheHardTruth

    Defund the Police? How about Defund Professional Sports?

    Hey “Professional athletes”….Shut up and do your job. Your job, for which you are paid VERY WELL, no, let me rephrase that….for which you are OVER PAID, is to play the sport you were hired to play. Yes, that’s right, you were HIRED to play a sport. Not to protest societal issues. You are paid by...
  12. darwing

    The staff refused to wear masks, and President trump and Falungong were the same.

    Where Shen Yun is, where Covid-19 virus is, and the place will become the severely afflicted area of Covid-19. Trump’s support for Epoch Times and Shen Yun performing arts which are the subsidiaries of Falun Dafa will be a poison of hisseeking re-election. It is said that some actors has been...
  13. darwing

    California alert! The culprit may come from Shen Yun Performing Arts of Falun Dafa

    The COVID-19 epidemic has been spread in several cities of California. It is said that a certain performer has been infected byCOVID-19 virus who went on a performing tour in California from 20th.Dec 2019 to February of this year. Li Hongzhi, the master of Falun Dafa, ordered to block the...
  14. William Smith

    Trump, Xi Jinping discuss Coronavirus outbreak

    Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on Friday with US President Donald Trump on the novel coronavirus outbreak and urged Washington to respond “reasonably” to the epidemic, state media reported. Xi told Trump on the phone that China was “fully confident and capable of defeating the epidemic,”...
  15. T

    Trump impeachment defense team will include Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz

    President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team will include Ken Starr, whose investigation led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, whose clients have included notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson. The Trump team choices...
  16. D

    The Five Reasons they REALLY Hate Trump

    The Five Reason they Really Hate Trump President Donald Trump is hated more widely and more deeply than any other politician in recent memory, even Richard Nixon. Here are the Five Reasons he will never be loved by his enemies. 1. Politicians and Bureaucrats Washington is where you go to...
  17. MarcChamot

    Hello Everyone. I'm Marc. First time here. Looking forward to it.

    Hi. I'm Marc C. I'm conservative, Jewish Christian. keep informed and love to keep others informed. I am pro-gun, pro-liberty and pro-capitalist. An avid supporter of Israel.
  18. Princecharles123

    AOC Chief of Staff Admits The Green New Deal Is Not About Climate Change

    Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti admitted recently that the true motivation behind introducing the Green New Deal is to overhaul the “entire economy.”% Alexandria ocasio-cortez GLOBAL NEWS Green New Deal
  19. Princecharles123

    US billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein has pleaded not guilty

    Click here to see Full Story US Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein pleads not guilty to sex trafficking - GLOBAL NEWS
  20. OKTexas

    Independence Day, A Much Needed Historical Perspective For 2019

    For the historically challenged, the Declaration of Independence was itself a political act. It was done by 13 British colonies who, politically separated themselves form the Crown, and that day became 13 independent nation States. Each with all the political power that implied, they...
  21. Justin Richardson

    Don't Be A Racist! (Political Cartoon)

  22. Blavity

    Felicity Huffman Agrees To Plead Guilty In College Admissions Scandal

    Felicity Huffman Agrees To Plead Guilty In College Admissions Scandal, Apologizes To Students Who Honestly Earn Admission To College The "Desperate Housewives" actress and 50 others were nabbed in the biggest college admissions scam ever. Felicity Huffman has agreed to plead guilty to one...
  23. Blavity

    Burundi Schoolgirls Released After Being Jailed For Silly Prank

    Their arrest birthed the online movement #FreeOurGirls. They faced persecution for defacing an image of Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza in their workbooks. According to CNN, the three girls arrested for their actions have all been released. Human Rights Watch reports seven children...
  24. deanrd

    Forget the politics: What are the pros and cons of building a wall? The facts only, please!

    No politics. Just defend why we need a wall. And Why is building a wall a mistake? Try to keep the facts. No politics. Is this possible?
  25. midcan5

    'America’s New Religions'

    This is interesting and while I disagree in part, it is still worth a read. Political cults are filling the space left by the decline of organized faiths. "And so we’re mistaken if we believe that the collapse of Christianity in America has led to a decline in religion. It has merely led to...
  26. S


    Tariffs: A nation’s government levies tariffs for one or more of these purposes: (1) To defend jobs or enterprises of the tariff imposing nation. (2) to increase the government’s tax revenues. (3) To reduce the trade deficits between one or more foreign nation’s with regard to...
  27. chops_

    Judge Kavanaugh on the Fourth Amendment

    Judge Kavanaugh on the Fourth Amendment - SCOTUSblog Mod addition of the source link.. 1. The balancing cases: Askew and Vilsack The first two cases to consider involve balancing of government and privacy interests. In both cases, the majority held that the government practice violated the...
  28. ArmenianTraveler

    Iranian Charity Accepting Bitcoin

    I can't see Netenyahu being pleased with this development. Iranian Donation Facilitator - About - OpenBazaar
  29. chops_

    Mitch McConnell: The Democrats Will Always Have A Reason To Move The Goalposts

    This isn't the first time the Democrats have "moved the goalpost" on any issues. They seem to make it a culpable habit of doing so. Whether it's on Illegal Immigration or/and the Gun issue. So, it's really no surprise that Mitch McConnell would simply state: "The Democrats will always have a...
  30. Dan Stubbs

    Progressive don't beleive Abuse charge.

    The woman who accused Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of domestic abuse said on Monday that Democrats don’t believe her story and threatened to isolate her over the allegations. Karen Monahan, a former girlfriend, came forward last month alleging that Ellison sent her threatening text...

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