1. TDontTouchMyCigars

    Natanz on fire [ Again ]

    Natanz, one of the main Nuclear facilities at the heart of Iran - was caught on fire again, after several blasts. Westren media is pointing the blame at Israel - claiming Israeli sources confirmed The accident is happening at a very not convinient time for Iran and the west. If it is indeed...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Newsmax runs segment on Joe Biden neglecting his 'junkyard' dogBob Brigham

    Pathetic!! Right wing media has sunken to a new and rediculous low. No wonder that conservative brains are rotting in their skulls. Stop watching this shit! WATCH: Newsmax runs segment on Joe Biden neglecting his 'junkyard' dog - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism Why...
  3. B

    Can America exist with a biased media

    Can a republic exist if the media fails to report news and information in a fair and unbiased manner? To many times we are being told a story with an agenda. If you don’t have all the facts how can you make an informed decision? As a side note our government over classifies what to much...
  4. toobfreak

    How The Democrats Stole The Election

    Of course this is just the edge of the iceberg. They used any and every crooked means possible to beat Trump. But apparently just this one means alone was enough that it changed the outcome in several states. The Media so-concealed the scandal involving Hunter Biden, Ukraine and his dad...
  5. toobfreak

    Does The Media Ever Stop It's Lying?

    Laying in bed on Sunday morning as usual, clicking through the channels between 9 and 10:30 to see what the latest crap is being discussed on the various news programs, one is never disappointed at how the media forever reinvents itself as the low-information outlet or at least treats the public...
  6. EvilEyeFleegle

    As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place

    I guess this makes entire fake news operation..dressed up Up look like the everyday newspaper. What a surprise..ran by the Republican operatives The sites appear as ordinary...
  7. toobfreak

    A Tale Of Two Town Debates

    I've looked long and hard for anyone else discussing this topic here and haven't found it, so I think it demands a thread to discuss! This is a matter of national import as at the heart of it is a not-so-clandestine effort to steer the election toward a DESIRED OUTCOME. In other words, get the...
  8. J

    VOTERS BEWARE: Are you basing your vote on propaganda a lies?

    There is a relentless and concerted effort taking place among political partisan journalists, and Democrats running for office, to win this coming election based upon outright lies and deceptions about our President, while avoiding a discussion about the Democrat Party Leadership’s specific...
  9. toobfreak

    The World Is Ending Soon!

    I've quickly lost all respect for PBS News, which is sad to say as it was my last venue for broadcast news on television. Last night I clicked it on and they are discussing Bolton's book with a former political appointee and no mention of questions or contradictions with the book's veracity is...
  10. D

    The Five Reasons they REALLY Hate Trump

    The Five Reason they Really Hate Trump President Donald Trump is hated more widely and more deeply than any other politician in recent memory, even Richard Nixon. Here are the Five Reasons he will never be loved by his enemies. 1. Politicians and Bureaucrats Washington is where you go to...
  11. midcan5

    CDZ 'Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?'

    This is fascinating. Examples are mainstream today. Media and social media not only shows the incompetence, but they both show the reasons. The contorted apologetics. Excuses for incompetence acts abound. “It’s a law of the universe that 87 percent of all people in all professions are...
  12. DOTR

    “Teens” at it again in Boston.

    Mayor Jack Young Calls Recent Violent Incidents Involving Teenagers 'Unacceptable' The news reports claim what the crime wave has in common is “teens” and “students”. Not a very good description. The police report shows what they are trying to hide. How are these reporters not embarrassed?
  13. JGalt

    Breaking: Defense Intelligence Agency Arrested for Leaking Info to Media

    I hope they nail the reporters too. "A U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency employee was arrested Wednesday on federal charges that he leaked classified national defense information to two journalists – one of whom he was romantically involved with. Henry Kyle Frese, 30, is a counter-terrorism...
  14. deanrd

    The media doesn’t seem to care about anything but creating conflict.

    I just get so sick of the media giving half the story and stopping there For instance, the way they handle abortion. Instead of just calling it people that are pro women’s rights and antiabortion they have to say we ask questions like are you pro life? Everybody is pro life. Because everybody...
  15. DOTR

    THIS is their excuse?

    Reporters don’t investigate...they just repeat what they have been told to repeat? Via:cernovich
  16. JGalt

    Next up on House agenda: Investigating Trump's Attacks On 'Fake News' Media

    Apparently the House Democrats have taken up the issue of President Trump attacking their propaganda machine, and believe that he must be stopped. In a bold move just to show how they're overplaying their hand, the House Democrats reportedly are planning to open an official investigation into...
  17. T

    Fake News & Biased Sources

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Expertly Laid a Trap to Get Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Right from the headline, please note this is a heavily left-leaning article. The source can be considered the same, yet they advertise as 'Independent Journalism'. "Expertly Laid a Trap?" Can the media at least...
  18. Pogo

    RIP: Ken Nordine 1920-2019 :(

    I've been dreading having to post this but the time has come.... Chicago Tribune: >> One writer described his voice as an instrument that "muses and oozes like molten gold." .... As successful as Nordine’s announcing and commercial work was, he was creatively restless and drawn to more...
  19. P@triot

    ‘Thank’ Obama

    Isn’t it “funny” how a tweet from President Trump about the fake news has the left falling to their knees and screaming in utter terror over the “war on the media” and yet they worshipped Barack Obama who waged an actual and literal war on the media? What happened to the journalist who broke...
  20. DOTR

    Trump defies rules of nobility...again!

    Here we go again! Donald Trump is once again being called out for defying the privileged class their due deference. Just when you think Trump cant possibly stick his finger in the eye of ruling class conventions to any greater degree he goes and treats them like any other human in spite of...
  21. BookShaka

    No, the Media Is Not the Enemy of the American People, But They Need to Explain This

    In the past few months, we’ve seen several public incidents involving Trump supporters or even members of his administration, and members of the opposition. These episodes range from accosting, harassment, and even assault. Personally, I don’t think the fact that someone clings to a different...
  22. MindWars

    Facebook, apple purge infowars for hate speech

    Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for 'Hate Speech' | Breitbart The Masters of the Universe at Facebook and Apple have censored InfoWars pages and podcasts on their platforms, both claiming Alex Jones and company engage in “hate speech.” Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for 'Hate Speech' | Breitbart...
  23. BookShaka

    As national media worry about tone of Trump rallies, three GOP lawmakers receive death threats

    You can be forgiven for thinking the biggest story this week is President Trump's ongoing war with the national press. After all, the press covered it that way themselves, didn't they? CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. dedicated outsized coverage this week to reporting that journalists...
  24. deanrd

    Did you see tragic Sarah Huckabee Sanders whining about being mistreated at the News Conference?

    Starting at 19:00. Sarah Sanders refuses to say the press is not ‘enemy of the people’ I (Sarah) should be choked? WH pushes pure conspiracy from the podium ------------------- She made it all about her. Wow, for a woman who lies so much, I don't see how she can get mad at those who call...
  25. BookShaka

    Say Goodbye to the Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now

    Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now Sadly I believe this is true, but I think the majority of us are more concerned about being right (consuming news that vindicates our beliefs) over finding the truth. For example, how does “Democracy Dies in Darkness”...
  26. BookShaka

    If the media keeps this up, someone’s gonna get killed

    To be clear, Fox News is NOT my go-to source. I don’t have a go-to source, but I happen to agree with this article. If you don’t believe the media has lost it, you’re probably one of their victims. Here's a quote from Rush Limbaugh: "If the media keeps this up, they're going to get somebody...
  27. BookShaka

    CDZ Media is losing it - Vanity Fair calls Trump “child kidnapper”

    Seriously how foolish does one have to be to not see how desperately unfair the media (minus Fox News, of course) is being to Donald Trump? Calling him a “child kidnapper” is just plain insanity. I consider myself an Independent but I really hope this blows up in his opposition’s faces. The...
  28. BookShaka

    CDZ A look at Trump’s racism—is it as bad as people think?

    Interesting read. If you don’t (want to) read the article, please refrain from participating in the thread if you’d be so kind. The point here is to argue the points made in the article. I know some people will likely have the urge to answer the question the title poses without reading the...
  29. deanrd

    Trump admitted mission to "discredit" press so public wouldn't believe negative stories. It works!

    Lesley Stahl says Donald Trump admitted attacking press to "discredit" media coverage of "negative stories" - CBS News CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl has revealed a candid remark made to her by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Stahl told a group of fellow...
  30. Cellblock2429

    TRIGGERED: Media goes into meltdown over Trump feeding fish in Japan

    The mainstream media went into meltdown over Donald Trump feeding some fish in Japan. Let that sink in. The farce began when Trump was seen on camera with Japanese Prime Minister Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spooning fish food out of a box to feed koi carp in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo. Trump then...

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