1. Bob Blaylock

    Not In My Back Yard! Suddenly, LIbEral Elites Not So Fond of Lawlessness After All.

    It seems that LIbEral elitists, who are happy to allow mobs of subhuman criminal filth to run amok as long as they keep to the poorer areas of town, are not so happy with it when it starts to hit closer to home. I'm reminded of a very faintly-remembered story from a few years ago. I think it...
  2. midcan5

    'Is God A Liberal?'

    "Let us grant that there is indeed one God, that this God knows what is right and best for human beings...Let us grant every one of these points and proceed post-haste to construct a society founded upon God's authority rather than our own." "The only...
  3. DOTR

    Orwell wrote nonfiction

    Down the memory hole...leftists are moving to change the Wikipedia entry from “Spanish Flu” to “1918 Pandemic Flu” to provide cover for their attacks on America’s President. Orwell was prescient. “He who controls the past controls the future”. Spanish flu - Wikipedia
  4. Cellblock2429

    Lib Reporter: US economy too healthy for investors.

    Bloomberg reporter EMMA CHANDRA: We are looking at majors here in the U.S., in the red, down about two-tenths, three-tenths of a percent — six-tenths of a percent for the NASDAQ — as we’re seeing tech get hit pretty badly. Today, it seems that the economy in the U.S. is too healthy for...
  5. JGalt

    Let's go slumming with the liberals tonight

    The urban dictionary defines "slumming" as "hanging out with someone of much different socio-economic status usually for the reason of wanting to look cool or to feel more connected with another culture very different from one's upbringing..." In the spirit of "reaching across the aisle" to our...
  6. Cellblock2429

    Auntie Maxine Displays What She Doesn’t Know

    democRAT brain trust Maxine Waters thinks she has the goods on the evil bankers. She is going to make sure the nation knows who these thieves are. Auntie Maxine chairs the House Financial Services Committee, and she had a hearing today with the CEOs of the megabanks, the really evil banker...
  7. Chuz Life

    Question for Dimz

    If (as you claim) the wall will do little to nothing to stop the flow of drugs and illegals from entering the country. . . How do you expect mere laws with no physical barriers at all to keep guns out of the hands of criminals on the streets? You have some splaining to do!
  8. midcan5

    'America’s New Religions'

    This is interesting and while I disagree in part, it is still worth a read. Political cults are filling the space left by the decline of organized faiths. "And so we’re mistaken if we believe that the collapse of Christianity in America has led to a decline in religion. It has merely led to...
  9. midcan5

    CDZ Populism right / left

    This is an interesting study approach to the idea of populism. I found many questions raised qualifications in my mind. Where you place yourself along a continuum can be puzzling sometimes. As many posters know me by now, my location on the chart will not surprise. I 'lean populist left', only...
  10. deanrd

    Louis Farrakhan is a right-wing religious extremist. An atheist would be considered liberal.

    Louis Farrakhan is a right-wing religious extremist. An atheist would be considered liberal. Somehow Republicans on the US message board have this idea that if it’s not Christian it must be a liberal. But all religious extremists are right wing. An atheist would be considered liberal. Not...
  11. Mousterian

    The Disunited States of America

    Are we incapable of unity? We Were Made for Civil War
  12. Slyhunter

    #WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Democrat Party in Droves

    Time to join the Libertarian or Freedom parties. Vacate the Socialist bastion of hate calling itself Democrats. #WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Democrat Party in Droves
  13. 6915THESS

    American tourist being sued by Germany police for calling them ‘Nazi’s’

    Carol Christine Fair, who according to her Facebook page and Twitter account, is on the left of politics and a feminist non-theist, is being sued by #german police in Frankfurt, Germany after she called them “#nazi’s” when they told her that she could not take any liquids in her luggage through...
  14. perrydyl

    CDZ Just released a podcast this forum may find interesting

    As the title states my partner and I have just released a podcast. I am a young liberal and he is an older conservative. In the podcast we tackle issues in a bipartisan manner. Because of our political affiliations, there is some tension. However, we are very good friends and remain civil...
  15. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) developing HBO show about liberal hero, Jim Jones

    Vince Gilligan Talks About His 'X-Files' Past and New Show About Jim Jones ...Can you tell me anything about the new Jim Jones project you're developing at HBO? I'm obsessed with anything related to Jone's Cult. I can tell you I was just in San Francisco with Michelle McLaren, who is directing...
  16. American_Jihad

    American left: ANTIFA Is Not Your Friend

    Just like we all know the left is what they call everyone else. They say were violent but look who's beating people, burning, rioting, and acting just like fascists pricks... LETTER TO THE AMERICAN LEFT: ANTIFA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND TUE, 2/28/2017 - BY NICHOLAS GOROFF Though to many they may...
  17. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Fall of Chicago (due to liberal policies)

    Chicago will become Detroit soon.
  18. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Democrat NY Judge arrested for failing to appear at court for her DUI arrest

    New York judge arrested, led from courthouse in handcuffs ROCHESTER, N.Y. — An embattled City Court judge was escorted Monday from judicial chambers in handcuffs. Rochester court deputies and city police officers executed a bench warrant issued for Judge Leticia Astacio's arrest last week...
  19. American_Jihad

    Liberals Scared to Death by Their Own Caricature of Trumpettes

    Well libtarts were trying to make a worldwide utopia, that will not happen with Trump as POTUS. By the way libtartical morons there is no utopia and never will be... Liberals Scared to Death by Their Own Caricature of Trumpettes by Knave Dave Nov 13, 2016 Everyone must stop saying they are...
  20. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Venezuela's socialists move closer to fascism as socialist Supreme Court shuts down Congress

    Venezuela court effectively shuts down congress as opposition cries ‘coup’ CUENCA, ECUADOR - In a move rejected throughout the region and decried as a “coup” by the opposition, Venezuela’s Supreme Court effectively shut down congress, saying it would assume all legislative functions amid its...
  21. American_Jihad

    Katie Hopkins: 'Why Are Liberals Pleased The Westminster Terrorist Is British?'

    She said on Tucker Carlson that London was like obama on steroids... Katie Hopkins: 'Why Are Liberals Pleased The Westminster Terrorist Is British?' 26 March 2017, 11:31 Video: Katie Hopkins says liberals "seem to think it's something of a triumph" that the Westminster terrorist was British...
  22. wjmacguffin

    LSTU#4: Lies, Damned Lies, and Lies (Reprise)

    Liberal Seeks To Understand #4 I'll admit to being a liberal, so speak slowly and use small words please. :) Although I can get salty, here I'm just trying to understand conservatives' POV on issues. This is an honest question. As before, I'll return respect with respect and crudeness with...
  23. P@triot

    Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist

    This is one exceptional article from a hardline leftist... Woman's "Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist" Goes Crazy VIRAL!
  24. L

    Hollywood stars: 2 basic facts + 1 at end of show, NOW

    Hollywood stars: the two basic facts + one at th end of show, NOW 1. The "real life" of scores of these official actors is nothing but to act according to a specific illuminati script. This is literally also valid for the Illuminati Grand Master, the man who rules the world, who is officially...
  25. MindWars

    Old Soviet union 45 goals to destroy America perfectly match liberal ideology ( video)

    Old Soviet Union 45 Goals to Destroy America Perfectly Match Liberal Ideology!?!? (Video) - The Last Great Stand It's no secret Barack Obama’s belief system leans towards Marxism, and by his own admission his childhood was very heavily influenced by Communist revolutionary Frank Marshall Davis...
  26. American_Jihad

    Pelosi Becomes a Symbol of Democrats’ Losses

    "sorry my pantsuit is still at the cleaners" ... Pelosi Becomes a Symbol of Democrats’ Losses The New York Times By JONATHAN MARTIN and EMMARIE HUETTEMAN 51 mins ago WASHINGTON — In the aftermath of Democrats’ demoralizing election defeat, Representative Nancy Pelosi’s bid to return as...
  27. P@triot


    Here they are ladies & gentlemen. In all of their horrifically ugly "glory". Like all Democrats - this bitch can't even handle a sign. It causes her to lose her mind. And it's ironic how she feels flipping someone off is her "free speech, 1st Amendment right" when so is the Trump sign that she...
  28. Bob Blaylock

    Transfreak Advocate: “There's no such thing as a ‘male body’.”

    Talking About “Male Bodies” and “Female Bodies” Is Inaccurate and Dangerous Just when you thought those on the left wrong cannot get any more insane, and any more unintelligent, this freak comes along, and writes this article. The whole of the article seems to be to try to deny that there...
  29. woz75

    'Wounded Social Justice Warrior Project' Rebuilds Hope; Sense of Purpose

    If you like to laugh at social justice warriors, you may like this article. Here's a snippet: Prudence Bradley, 19, found it difficult to put into words what she experienced during her days as a social justice warrior. She didn’t have to. The way the slightly overweight feminist apologetically...
  30. Slade3200

    Liberal and Conservative, we need them both!

    I'd like to throw a few points out there for you to chew on and get your feedback. Please keep the shallow one liner partisan comments off this thread: It is essential for our government to implement policies from both the left and the right. Both sides should work together to present ideas...

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