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  1. a loss for words

    It is almost a year, and I still think I made the right decision.

    I voted for Johnson. Voting for Trump was just not a possibility for me. The same for Clinton. Clinton was and remains a corrupt predatory slimebal. Trump was and remains a vainglorious and ridiculous perverted jerk. I am sort of glad people held their noses and voted for Trump. There is no...
  2. P@triot

    Hillary Clinton continues to cry

    There has never been a candidate more obsessed with power and control (that realization alone is proof of just how much the U.S. dodged a bullet with her run for presidency). Her inability to stop crying about her defeat is amusing. Her inability to stop finding people to blame is a frightening...
  3. Markle

    Hillary took “absolute personal responsibility” for her losing, then blamed Wiki, Comey, her gender

    Is this any surprise? Identical to petulant former President Barack Hussein Obama, she simply cannot accept any blame, for anything, ever. She even blamed her gender. Strange she didn't mention her famous mention denigrating her opponents by calling them "deplorables" much the same as Mitt...
  4. Cellblock2429

    A Christmas gift for everyone. I got you a clock. Enjoy every second of it.

    Time left until Obama leaves office
  5. S

    Can we trust our voting machines?

    The article below concerns me for several reasons. First, the machine in question was obviously malfunctioning. If it can malfunction by accident (assuming that it was an accident), how easy must it be to intentionally program a machine to change the voter's choice. Second, if you can...
  6. cnelsen

    I keep expecting everyone suddenly to burst out laughing

    OK, it's been a week since the election and it appears the nation remains in the grip of some sort of mass psychosis. I keep expecting everyone suddenly to burst out laughing and pointing at me and screaming "Aaahhaaa. Gotcha! No college professor anywhere actually canceled classes because their...
  7. Lewdog

    So Beyonce and Jay-Z, Known Illuminati Had Hillary at Their Concert Last Night

    What does that say to you? Beyonce and Jay-Z known Illuminati members had Hillary at their concert in Ohio last night, announced they supported her, and brought her on stage. So, what does this say? Are they just supporting her because they are entertainers and a part of Hollywood and are...
  8. rodpreacher

    Trump Nice song feat. Donald Trump about Vladimir Putin

  9. rodpreacher

    Silly & hilarious tune & video about Putin feat. Donald Trump

  10. T

    let's make fun of this election

    watch and laugh, at me or the video.
  11. C

    All African American Readers Must Read This

    This is a message for African Americans, Many people love to complain about Donald Trump's racism but what some people may not know is that Hillary Clinton is racist as well. Hillary was a member of the Goldwater Girls. The Goldwater Girls organization opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. She was...
  12. P

    Clinton Calendars Not to Be Released Until After Election

    Read more about it here. What do you guys think?
  13. C

    Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger

    Margaret Sanger said these following words: "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated". Hillary Clinton said these following words about Sanger: "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision". Hillary enormously admires a woman who believes...
  14. LibertyThunder

    NEW POLL: Johnson Rises To 1st Place With Young Voters, Trump Last

    Young Voters Favoring Gary Johnson - The Libertarian Republic
  15. Y

    The uncertainty of Trump's situation

    Today (8/3/2016) there was a lot of commentary on the various news shows particularly on Charley Rose on PBS that the uncertainty of Trump's situation makes it impossible to know if there IS or IS NOT a hidden groundswell in favor of Trump lingering out across the Country. These would be...
  16. washamericom

    now we know the arc of the moral universe doesn't run through the DNC

    well, for a while i thought DWS was angling to take the torch and be the nominee, she's the ted cruz now, of democrat party politics. doubling down on the corrupt clinton package may backfire. no one... no one... will vet the clintons like our Donald Trump will, finally, thank God, honesty and...
  17. C

    Hillary's reply to a question

    I don't like Donald Trump but I absolutely loathe Hillary Clinton. She should be made to pay for her crimes but she's getting off scott free because she's rich and powerful. The justice system sucks. Also, when Hillary was asked why she would be a good President, she replied "Because I'm a...
  18. washamericom

    Tactical Alinsky... and "code language" in American Politics.

    watch this if you can, it's one of the best assessments/analysis of liberal argument tactics.. code words.... wow that really blankets what we can say and not appear racists to the liberals, who ironically used to be the biggest defenders of this type of bull shit. bill maher "Clarence...
  19. C

    Even Jimmy Carter dislikes Hillary Clinton

    Even former President Jimmy Carter dislikes Hillary Clinton. These were his exact words. "The novelty of electing the first woman President of America should not outweigh our duty of electing an honest and ethical President".
  20. Z

    Social Media Study

    I am conducting a study to understand the relationship between the representation of political discourse on social media and concrete political action such as voter turnout, campaign donations, and canvasing. My father always told me that people vote in the booth only a few times a year, but...
  21. washamericom

    sanders quotes Trump as saying "all mexicans are rapists and murders"

    chuck todd just did the same thing, but that made me think of this quote which puts it squarely into mainstream politics. "They're counting on young people staying home and union members staying home and black folks staying home," President Obama said at a rally in Philadelphia. i don't see...
  22. W

    I Don't Blame Bill Clinton for......

    ....being a cheating man-slut. If you were married to Nurse-Ratched-Hillary would you fuck her? Be honest, guys, even in her younger days that Hillary psychopath had all the sexual appeal of a school bus fire. That rather horrid female isn't even interesting enough to make me sick!
  23. C

    Who'd you vote for?

    I want to hear who you voted for and why! Rant away! I'm a psychology and athropology major and I've created a survey about this crazy a$$ election. Don't worry, it's only two questions and completely anonymous. Please be as candid as possible- I WANT to hear your passionate reasoning. Thanks...
  24. D

    Bernie Sanders Pulls Off Upset Victory in Indiana !

  25. washamericom

    Vermont takes weed off the table

    no legal weed for vermont, at least not yet. the opposition pushed for a vote this summer, in a a statewide reeferendum, if you will. Home WCAX.com - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and ... www.wcax.com/ WCAX‑TV 6 mins ago - WCAX.com is your local source for information in Burlington...
  26. washamericom

    This country can't endure another clinton era...

    i don't know sometimes, but i'm getting flashes of when they left the White House last time, swiping furniture silverware and dishes. sandy berger. it's the bottom feeder of executive branch occupations. it's like an open sore that won't heal. i mean obama has been dreadful on so many levels...
  27. washamericom

    The New Income...

    i just heard bernie say this on the local news here in Vermont. Bernie Sanders says 99 percent of 'new' income is going to top 1 percent stunning, "the new income" as in "the money, the property, the work, and the ideas belong to all of us as a/the state." "99 percent of all new income...
  28. P@triot

    Bernie Sanders Hauls In $44 Million in March Fund-Raising

    And of course, he will not only distribute this evenly among Hillary Clinton but also Ted Cruz, John Kasich, amd Donald Trump because that is what he truly believes in and he wouldn't want to be a greedy hypocritical dirt-bag. After all, he wants the entire election to be "fair" - right...
  29. washamericom

    Trump versus the political world

    right now they the media are riding as high as i've seen since he declared. there is a lot going on, and he made some gaffs in the last few days. i heard him say yesterday he wasn't treated fairly by the GOP, i agree, the press other than fox, haven't either. the very definitions and parameters...
  30. washamericom

    can someone explain super pac so i can understand it ??

    every time there is a dust up, so many times the origin returns to the superpac. the candidates say "we're not responsible for our super pacs". but are they in acceptance of that support initially, or ever ?? i know candidates are forbidden to interact, but the relationships are odd, to say...

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