1. ProPolitica

    Texas Churches Violate the Law Ahead of Tuesday’s Election, Experts Say

    Attribution: Juanjo Gasull for ProPublica/The Texas Tribune Publisher ProPublica Author Jeremy Schwartz, Jessica Priest and Perla Trevizo and co-published with The Texas Tribune Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who is seeking reelection, have been...
  2. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Republicans Just Lost the Alaska House Seat

    Dear Republicans, Keep pretending that Dobbs and Trump don’t matter to the electorate. Sincerely, The Real World https://www.adn.com/politics/2022/08/31/democrat-mary-peltola-wins-special-us-house-election-will-be-first-alaska-native-elected-to-congress/
  3. S

    Democratic congressional leadership failures.

    Democratic congressional leadership failures. The federal minimum wage rate, and all of sponsored Democrat congressional members proposals to modify that rate, are expressed as in terms of U.S. Dollars. The U.S dollar is not of a constant value; thus a minimum wage rate' value determined by and...
  4. midcan5

    Qanon / Conspiracy

    'Reason and rationality have never been more important than they are today.' Qanon took a big hit, Trump lost. But consider too their many misses. So why do people still believe. I'll offer some thoughts on topic, included will be many sources for your analysis. Life often doesn't make easy...
  5. J

    The big freaken MSM lie: they want to overturn the election

    . For starters, I suggest those interested in the subject, should Google “want to overturn the 2020 election” and you will probably find approximately 55,700,000 results (0.38 seconds), which is what I found. But is the charge [they want to overturn an election] really accurate as claimed by...
  6. S

    Biden’s 2021 inaugural will be low keyed

    Biden’s 2021 inaugural will be low keyed; his 2025 inaugural parade and balls will be blasts!! Respectfully, Supposn
  7. Chuz Life

    Which is it? CDZ Poll and Discussion

    Mod note: Hot retail political topics still warring on the boards are NEVER good CDZ topics.. And there are a dozens of threads ALREADY open and active on this topic.. CDZ Rules apply. Please vote in the poll and then let's have a discussion about the EVIDENCE between these two specific...
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    FBI: White Supremacists Plotted Attack on US Power Grid if Trump Lost the Election

    For all of the Trump-Publicans lapping up all the crazy talk about things like marshal law and disruping the convention, please know that this is the sort of thing that loose talk can and does inspire FBI: White supremacists plotted attack on US power grid (apnews.com) And it is what Trump's...
  9. TheProgressivePatriot

    GOP gubernatorial candidate in Virginia calls on Trump to declare martial law

    This is complete insanity! What has happened to our country? People like this call themselves patriots, while at the same time engaging in dagerous rhetoric the threatens the very foundation of our republic. It is dangerous and irresponsible and suborns the idea that resorting to force is ok...
  10. J

    Georgia Elections Officials vote to keep vital tool used in ballot harvesting

    . See: NEW: Georgia Elections Officials Extend Use of Ballot Drop Boxes For January Twin Senate Runoff “What could possibly go wrong? Georgia elections officials on Monday voted to extend the use of ballot drop boxes for the January 5 twin Senate runoff where the Republican majority in the...
  11. TheProgressivePatriot

    Stop the Steal’ Movement Will ‘Force’ States Biden Won to Send Republican Electors to Electoral College,

    Sure they will. If you read this hogwash, you will realize that they do not actually have a plan or a means to do that https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/stop-the-steal-movement-will-force-states-biden-won-to-send-republican-electors-to-electoral-college-says-trump-rally-organizer/ They are...
  12. N

    Win a Trump Card or Fall Back to Obama-Biden Spectrum of Virus/GeneManip/TransGender/War/Islamist Terror/Ferguson+ Horrors ?

    The Recent "Come Back" of Barack Hussein Obama, serving as ...Emergency Crutches-provider to Biden's "Sleepy" Electoral Campaign, (too Often Closed into a Basement), withOut having Anything New to Propose, But Only Miserably Attempting to ...Exploit the Pandemic in order to Cowardly and UnJustly...
  13. The Original Tree

    Where is all the Exit Polling that we are accustomed to seeing?

    Every election I have participated in there were exit polls all over the place. Post them here if you come across any.
  14. WarmPotato

    Joe Biden Endorsed A Candidate Who Blogged About 4-year old girls in THONGS

    Michigan Democrat Jon Hoadley has previously blogged about a variety of illegal activities that cast doubt on his image as a clean-cut politician. He loves unprotected gay sex, methamphetamines, alcoholic romps around the town, and so much more. He's also called straight women "Breeders" and...
  15. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden will lose Pennsylvania

    Just like in 2016, The Pollsters are lying to you to discourage voter turn out for President Trump. They narrow their points gap margins only immediately before the election so as to appear a little less inaccurate, so as to give a false cloak of legitimacy to their mission, and that is to...
  16. TheHardTruth

    Mini Mike Bloomberg may be commiting a 3rd Degree Felony in Florida

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/22/politics/bloomberg-felon-florida-vote/index.html Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his political operation have raised more than $16 million from supporters and foundations over the last week to pay the court fines and fees for over 30,000 Black and...
  17. midcan5

    Donald Trump's Accomplishments

    With the election drawing closer it is important we consider where we are as a nation under Trump. Please read. 'Lest We Forget The Horrors: A Catalog Of Trump’S Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, And Crimes'...
  18. AveryJarhman

    Americans of African Descent Re-electing Donald Trump

    Greetings. If Donald Trump wants to increase the number of African Americans supporting him, he should consider addressing our Nation's potentially life scarring THUGLIFE Child Care Public Health Crisis that for decades has been impeding far too many American kids of African from enjoying a...
  19. Chuz Life


    This is a non scientific election poll of USMB members for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election between Trump and Biden. There are only two choices in this poll. If you have no intention of voting for either one? Don't take part in the the poll. You can change your answers at any time during...

    Is Africa a shining example of how economic corridors can change development concepts? By Mekki ELMOGRABI

    Is Africa a shining example of how economic corridors can change development concepts? By Mekki ELMOGRABI What is the meaning of Economic Development Corridor EDC? Is it just a transportation path? The article explains the latest developments in implementation of large scale corridors...
  21. The Original Tree

    President Trump To Be Crowned Emperor For Life!

    Due to the Hysteria over The Coronovirus and The Commie DemNazi Cancel Culture being given full reign, and running around on Steroids cancelling anything Masculine or threatening to themselves, a State of National Emergency Exists and The Election is canceled. That and the fact that it appears...
  22. protectionist

    Advice for Democrat Candidates

    The Democrat Candidates for president, now Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, have been making a major mistake. Every time they speak, they insult and disparage President Trump. There's a big problem with that. It is that the majority of American voters LIKE the president. They are who elected...
  23. Bruce Daniels

    Proposed Constitutional Amendments

    1A. Eliminate the Electoral College and elect the President by the popular vote. 1B. If the Electoral College is retained, each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Representatives (only) to which the State...
  24. william the wie

    First the Tax bill then election and finally Reapportionment

    Given that the majority of the wealthy (those with more than $500,000 in liquid assets as opposed to the super wealthy in the Blue states can neither afford new taxes nor writing off their primary residence in their current location. CA, HI, OR, MN, IA, VT,NJ, NY and WI are the highest state...
  25. JGalt

    GA Judge gives go-ahead to clean voter rolls

    As a happy ending to a thread from a couple weeks ago, a Georgia judge over-ruled loser Stacy Abram's objection to removing 309,000 inactive voters from the rolls. Oh, and BTW: The judge is a Democrat who was nominated by Obama. :laughing0301: "When it comes to elections, Democrats like to...
  26. deanrd

    White racist threats force black candidate to drop out of race.

    White racist threats force black candidate to drop out of race...
  27. deanrd

    Will Republicans fall for trumps “fake” promises in 2020? Again? Fool me once?

    'We're Tightening Our Belt': Trump's Midwest Support Tested As Farmers Struggle So we know Trump lied about helping the farmers. He’s telling them he’s going to give them free money just before the election, and you do know that once the election is over, fuck ‘em. He ain’t helping them...
  28. deanrd

    Why Republicans won’t ask Democrats “what would you do?“

    Have you noticed that with all the problems in the nation Republicans never asked the Democrats, what would you do? I heard one Republican say that Democrats haven’t passed any bills on Chinese intellectual property. There is one in committee it’s being reviewed and updated: H.R.704 - Fair...
  29. deanrd

    Will 2020 be a bigger Bluewave than 2018?

    Will 2020 be a bigger Bluewave than 2018? I’ve seen Trump supporters say that they are embarrassed by his rhetoric and the way he acts. There are people within the Republican Party that care about morals and values and don’t believe that adulterous unprotected sex and lying are good...
  30. deanrd

    White Republicans always talk about inner cities, but never talk about Appalachia. Why?

    White Republicans always talk about inner cities, but never talk about Appalachia. Why? White Republicans insist that they’re very concerned for African-Americans in inner-city communities. At the same time, if you point out the poverty in Appalachia, they’ll say that’s because there’s...

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