1. WarmPotato

    The Full List of Republicans who Endorse Joe Biden For President 2020

    Mitt Romney! Carly Fiorina! John Kasich! That's pretty much it. Left wing youtubers will tell you that armageddon is coming, but the reality is that most of these people have no political influence. Anthony Scaramucci for example, nobody on the left or right is loyal enough to him that it would...
  2. B

    Similarities Between NAZI Party and 2020 Democrats is Uncanny!

    1) They are BOTH SOCIALISTS Is there a nobler or more excellent kind of Socialism and is there a truer form of Democracy than this National Socialism which is so organized that through it each one among the millions of German boys is given the possibility of finding his way to the highest...
  3. Cellblock2429

    Breaking News California democRATs legalize pedophilia

    /——-/ After decades of denying their secret agenda, democRATs make their move in the first step to legalize sex with children. Next step, make it 15 years difference. A bill that would remove a requirement for offenders to register as a sex offender after committing certain sex acts with minors...
  4. DOTR

    Orwell wrote nonfiction

    Down the memory hole...leftists are moving to change the Wikipedia entry from “Spanish Flu” to “1918 Pandemic Flu” to provide cover for their attacks on America’s President. Orwell was prescient. “He who controls the past controls the future”. Spanish flu - Wikipedia
  5. T

    USMB: Which politcal party do you vote for?

    Hi folks. I just wanted to post an unofficial poll into the voting habits of our fair political message board. This is totally unscientific poll, so please, don't be shy! No judging allowed, please.
  6. P@triot

    All roads from Russia lead directly to the Democrats

    Of course, the left will spend the next 100 years denying that Russia interfered on behalf of Bernie Sanders, just like they’ve spent the past 4 years denying that Russia had a massive campaign operation to help Hitlery Clinton get elected. Sanders excoriates Russia after being briefed on...
  7. JGalt

    So Who Won The Democratic Debate Last Night?

    Quite a debate it was, I actually watched some of it. But who came out the winner? "Six Democratic presidential candidates took the stage tonight in Las Vegas, days before the Nevada caucuses..." Coverage of the 2020 Nevada Democratic debate - CNNPolitics
  8. deanrd

    Trump just lied about the Emoluments Suit on live TV.

    Appeals court tosses Democrats' emoluments lawsuit against Trump - CNNPolitics Washington (CNN)A federal appeals court on Friday dismissed a lawsuit by congressional Democrats alleging President Donald Trump violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by refusing to allow lawmakers to...
  9. P@triot

    The quintessential Democrat voter

    The Democrats need an ignorant (and thus dependent) electorate to stay in power and that’s exactly what they have created. This woman didn’t have a damn clue who she was supporting and she was shocked when she found out. To the point where she actually wanted to take back her vote. Iowa...
  10. JGalt

    Yesterday's NJ Trump rally: 26.3% who attended identified as Democrats

    The numbers are in from Wednesday's Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey: 158,632 requested tickets (92,841 distinct signups) 73,482 voters identified 10.4% didn't vote in 2016 26.3% of the attendees identified as Democrats "The demographics of the New Jersey rally are reflective of...
  11. P@triot

    Sleazy Joe Biden

    Everything about Democrats is sleazy... Biden and his family are always finding new ways to engage in their sleazy endeavors. 'No way to dress that up': Trump lawyer’s Biden-Burisma arguments draw praise from even CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin
  12. P@triot

    A typical Democrat

    Lives an excessive life of opulence while refusing to provide even the bare necessities for his child. That’s basically the way of the selfish, self-centered left. Hunter Biden renting $12,000-per-month Hollywood home while refusing to pay child support
  13. The Original Tree

    Iranian-Russian Missile Shipment to Syria Destroyed

    More on latest shipment of Iranian Missiles Shipment to Syria being destroyed by Israel. Iran after lying about launching Obama Bombs paid for with Obama Bucks, purchased from Russia at a Ukraine Airliner, just got caught exporting MORE Russian-Iranian Missiles in to Syria. 8 said killed in...
  14. D

    The Five Reasons they REALLY Hate Trump

    The Five Reason they Really Hate Trump President Donald Trump is hated more widely and more deeply than any other politician in recent memory, even Richard Nixon. Here are the Five Reasons he will never be loved by his enemies. 1. Politicians and Bureaucrats Washington is where you go to...
  15. broogarry

    Former KGB agent sponsored Democrats in the 2016 election

    The US Democratic Party is rejoicing - in the House of Representatives they managed to push the vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump. However, the Democrats began to celebrate early, because now the Senate is in charge, and most of the seats belong to the Republicans and it is hard to...
  16. Chuz Life

    Democrat Senators, . . Where are you?

    According to the Dimocraps in the House, the Nation is on the verge of a Constitutional crisis, as the result of President Trumps alleged "abuse of power." That was there excuse / reason for pushing their prosecution so hard, to get it done before the Christmas break. Right? So, if the nation...
  17. JGalt

    Will the next Democrat President's impeachment start on day one?

    I certainly believe so. I also see AG Barr or whomever is AG in 2023 weaponizing the DOJ in advance of the 2024 presidential elections, to determine whether or not the Democratic presidential candidates are fit for office. Remember when Harry Reid triggered the "Nuclear option" to change the...
  18. DOTR

    CNN bombs again...liberals say lie to me again please.

    This was CNN’s prediction Jan 2019. Pathetic. Harris and Beto LOL. How many more times will wishful thinking and artificial boosterism, disguised as polls, embarrass them? This is how divorced from reality they are. The 2020 marathon has started with a sprint - CNNPolitics
  19. JGalt

    Is Joe Namath a Democrat or something?

    Every hour or so, I keep seeing the Medicare Coverage Helpline commercial on TV, featuring Joe Namath. In the commercial, he says "I called the medicare help line and they instantly looked up my current Medicare coverage and gave me important information and very beneficial help." Then he goes...
  20. ChemEngineer

    They Are Democrats - Take It To The Bank

    A couple starved their small child to death, while abusing their other two children who have been taken away from them. There is not the slightest doubt that they are both Democrats, radical, idiotic vegans. Florida Parents Charged with Starving Baby to Death with Strict Vegan Diet
  21. Papageorgio

    Ruling in Argentina opens door to granting apes personhood

    To me, this is totally ridiculous. This makes no sense and is an insult to humans. ‘I think this is a huge victory’: Ruling in Argentina opens door to granting apes personhood On a side note, they would probably vote more intelligently than Democrats. :21:
  22. JGalt

    This is one reason why no Democrat will win in 2020

    Consider these facts: The global stock markets have gained $26 trillion worth of wealth since President Trump was elected. That figure was from 2017, so you can imagine how much that has increased since then. Global stock markets have gained $26 trillion since Trump's election win As of...
  23. Cellblock2429

    How democRATs take care of the little guy they cherish soooooo much.

    A Michigan Man Underpaid His Property Taxes By $8.41. The County Seized His Property, Sold It—and Kept the Profits. An 83-year-old retired engineer in Michigan underpaid his property taxes by $8.41. In response, Oakland County seized his property, auctioned it off to settle the debt, and...
  24. Old Man Grumbles

    So They Want to Fix Wealth Inequality

    The country could take a major step toward reducing wealth inequality, not by raising taxes but by letting workers save the taxes they are already paying. Yet Democrats have long opposed this option. Listening to the Democratic presidential candidates, you don’t have to wait very long before...
  25. JGalt

    Surprise! Dem's Impeachment Funded By Chinese

    Democrats working with enemies of the US to carry out the overthrow of a sitting President. The Brookings Institute is funded by China. The Brookings Institute funds Lawfare. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler hired Lawfare as staff. As an outcome, China is funding the impeachment of President Trump...
  26. DOTR

    Slippery slope?

    Maybe there is a reason human societies outlaw homosexual activity?
  27. JGalt

    Antifa Vandalizes Oregon's Democratic Party Headquarters

    No honor among thieves, is there? :laughing0301: "On Sunday, members of the Antifa movement in Portland, Oregon held a remembrance event for an activist that was killed. During their demonstration, they vandalized Oregon's Democratic Party headquarters..." 'All Cops Are B*stards': Antifa...
  28. JGalt

    Forget Biden’s son: Now Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is suspect

    "It appears that Elizabeth Warren’s daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is reportedly chairwoman Demos, a liberal think tank, which gave the Working Families Party $45,000 in 2017-2018. This is significant because the Working Families Party just issued a surprise endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for...
  29. JGalt

    Trump: Sorry Democrats - No Gun Control For You

    In a move reminiscent of the Soup Nazi, President Trump has put the Democrats on notice about any plans he previously had to compromise with them on gun control. Whatever hopes the Democrats had for a workable gun control bill, are now as dead as Monty Python's parrot. "President Trump took to...
  30. MAGAman

    Dem. Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee's AR15 expertise on display.

    Short snippet. A little over a minute. This brain deficient DemTard knew the cameras were rolling when she started flapping her lips. These are the idjits Democrats trust to make legislation.

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