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    University of Utah finds grounds to impeach Trump

    Here is an article about it. University of Utah finds legal case to impeach Trump should he be elected
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    Oh, for Christs Sake, Just Call Michigan and Arizona Already! The Election is Over and Trump Won!

    *** There are over a hundred thousand uncounted mail in ballots in Arizona and probably as many in other states too. Those ballots if counted might overturn the results because Trump won with less than 1% difference in the vote. Those uncounted ballots could easily change the picture. But they...
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    Mexico Preparing for War Against Trump?

    Maybe they will put the Mexican army on the border to try to keep all the criminals they sent North out of their country and stop more of them coming here. We spend billions of dollars training our troops to defend borders but refuse to defend our own. Maybe Trump < will > get them to build...
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    Report Shows Trump in Excellent Health

    ******* That is nothing but a note from his doctor. He has NOT released any lab reports with actual numbers. Only what he self-reports when he lies worse than Hillary and that take some doing. I propose BOTH candidates go to Mayo Clinic to have complete physicals with the results to be...
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    Trump may have found a way to get out of the Debates with Hillary Clinton:

    *** But it was just fine to have a moderator who was hostile and aggressive to Clinton while kissing Trump on his rump. *** *** Welcome to the United Corporate States of America. Democracy is dead. Long live the Corporation. ***
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    Is Mexico Just Stupid?

    *** Probably not a physical wall of concrete or steel. But a technological wall with radar and ground sensors and patrols. We can deploy the same technology we deploy for foreign countries when we defend their borders ( while refusing to defend our own so far ). We have the technology...
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    Newsweek senior writer: "I believe" Trump was hospitalized in a mental institution in 1990

    *** When you are a public figure the bar to sue for slander / libel becomes much higher. Public figures are required to stand still for verbal abuse and name calling etc. etc. Not to mention that someone might bring up Trump the Dump calling Hillary " criminal Hillary " and " corrupt Hillary "...
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    Trump Policy Staff Quits After Not Being Paid

    *** You badly butchered the photoshop of Hillary.
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    AP: Pena Nieto Says He Told Trump Mexico Would Not Pay For Wall

    ===== ** BULLETIN --- THIS JUST IN --- BULLETIN ** Mexico has agreed to BUILD and PAY for the wall if it keeps Trump out of their country.
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    Thank Labor Unions.

    ========== Not today, but back in the 80's and early 90's when imports took over there were THOUSANDS of cars with rusted out floor boards and fenders. It was very common to see. Dealers used to make big commissions selling " undercoating " to try to keep your car fenders and floorboards from...
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    Thank Labor Unions.

    ===== It certainly does rust THROUGH faster. The thinner the steel the faster you get holes rusted in it.
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    Thank Labor Unions.

    ****** No sir it was Auto Company Executives who decided to put the paint on only 3 molecules thick. It was Auto Company Executives who decided to use thinner and thinner steel so they rusted out faster. Auto Company Executives poor decisions drove people to foreign cards and destroyed Detroit.
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    Thank Labor Unions.

    *** When I began working in construction in the early 60's contractors did not provide toilets on job sites and you would walk into some room and find it full of shit and piss. Piss would often be running down the columns. Finally the unions got some laws passed and they had to provide some...
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    Donald Trump Has His Own E-mail Scandal & It's Too Ironic To Ignore

    ======== Notice that is AFTER the election.
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    Trump Preparing The Biggest Flip-Flop Of All?

    ======== Of course you call bullshit. You've got a mouthful of it.

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