Why are our present immigration laws written as they are?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Little-Acorn, May 22, 2007.

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    The illegal aliens in this country, have violated our present immigration laws to get in. The fact that we mostly let them do it and did not enforce our laws, does not lessen the offense.

    And those laws were there for a reason. You can't get into this country without a visa. And we hand out only certain numbers of visas per year, in various categories. The reason for that, is because we cannot assimilate huge numbers at a time. This problem is vividly demonstrated by the huge numbers now flooding in. They are occupying entire neighborhoods, as new populations tend to to. But they are far more distrustful of law and police that previous residents have been. This is due in part to their own illegal status, of course, but also due in large part to the fact that the police in their home countries were unworthy of ANY trust.

    When a few of them enter an established American neighborhood and have a chance to see how things work here, they can and usually do learn to respect the rule of law that is common here but mostly absent from the countries they came from. Buth when an entire neighborhood, or even a small town, is occupied in only a year or two, no such acclimatization can take place. They bring their weary tolerance of graft, and expectation of offficial corruption, with them... and become fertile ground for opportunistic criminals and demagogues pushing exactly that.

    They are basically turning more and more areas of this country, into the exact kinds of societies they risked their lives to get away from. Not intentionally, mostly, but yet it's happening. The people who made our immigration laws decades ago, foresaw this, and moved to prevent it be letting in only enough that they could be trained in American ways and become Americans, rather than their training us in German or Mexican or Sewdish etc. ways and turning parts of this country into those.

    And those were good laws, well based on practical knowledge and facts.

    Now the Senate seems to think grantig amnesty is a good idea. This will "permanize" (is that a word?) the Balkanization we see going on, and encourage the next wave, just as the 1986 amnesty encouraged this wave.

    I see the usual suspects screaming "racism" and otherwise trying to avoid discussing the fact that our laws are there for reasons having nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with American-ism. We are a country of immigrants and descendents of immigrants WHO HAVE DEVELOPED AND ADOPTED AMERICAN WAYS. But the huge waves of illegals flooding in now, have not done that and mostly don't intend to. That is the reason laws were written to keep this from happening. Screaming "racism" is merely a strawman argument designed to distract from the real issues. As such it merely merits being ignored.

    The 15+ million illegals are here. And they are here illegally. If a bank owner goes into a bank and finds that people have broken in and are spending the money in the vault, he doesn't try to find ways to grant amnesty and let them stay there. Instead, he (a) takes the money back from them, (b) kicks them out, and (c) calls the cops to take them to jail for trial and punishment. After all that is finished, he may or may not decide to let them into the bank later, as legitimate paying customers.

    But here on this board, we have people telling us that the ones who broke in, should be allowed to stay, should keep the money they found here, and that we should even give them more. And that they should bring their friends and family, too.

    The proposed amnesty bill is nutty to the point of being insane. And I have to wonder about the people who push it, too.
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