The Truth of the Other Side

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    The Israelis pulling out of the Gaza Strip is a good first step although it is over 35 years later than it should have been in the first place. The prospect for a secure State of Israel is in the hands of the Israeli government leaders. The Palestinian government has a very limited power or control over the situation on the ground. Today the Israeli government with the Jewish National Fund (JNF) own and control 93% of Israel proper. As part of the (JNF) Charter they can lease land for 49 or 98 years to Jewish people only. In Israel proper there are over 120 Unrecognized Palestinian Villages with over 70,000 Palestinian people. They have no public fresh water system, electricity, roads connecting to the outside. Within in Israel proper they have color-coated license plates on their cars to distinguish Palestinian people from the Israeli Jewish people.

    It is the dark side of the State of Israel that gets (very little to no) mass media coverage in America. The Israelis want to be seen as the victim while being the victor. Only by convoluting the truth can the Israelis with the United States support get away with the current policies and actions in the region. The deplorable living conditions of most of the Palestinian people are crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli government policies. Whether it is the fence, the wall, the Jewish Only By Past Roads that dice and slice up the Palestinian Territories. Things have to change on both sides before either side will have any peace and security.

    The government of Israel must modify her ill ways of the passed, and a great amount of international Goodwill will come her way. The ill ways of many of the other Arab nations are not justification for the Israelis. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the eye for an eye will only create more conflict. The Israeli government having more wealth and military power in this regional conflict has higher level of responsibility for the final out come of this regional conflict.

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