Test Your Oscars IQ

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    Test your Oscar IQ
    from The Indianapolis Star
    February 27, 2005

    1. Why are the Academy Awards called the Oscars?

    2. "The Aviator" leads all 2004 Oscar contenders with nominations in 11 categories. What film holds the record for most nominations? How about wins?

    3. This year, Jamie Foxx was nominated for best actor for portraying musician Ray Charles and best supporting actor for playing a harried taxi driver in "Collateral." When was the last time an actor or actress was nominated in both the lead and supporting acting categories?

    4. "Finding Neverland" is up for best picture of 2004, but filmmaker Marc Forster was not nominated in the directing category. Has a film ever won best picture when its director was not nominated?

    5. The Academy has how many voting members? a) about 1,000 b) about 6,000 c) about 10,000 d) about 20,000

    6. Despite making some of the best-loved films in history, director Martin Scorsese has never won an Oscar. He has, however, received six previous nominations: four for directing and two for writing. Who has received the most Oscar nominations without winning?

    7. How many branches of the motion picture industry are represented in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

    8. Clint Eastwood not only received a best actor nomination for his starring turn in "Million Dollar Baby," he is also nominated for directing the film. Has an actor-director ever been nominated in both categories before?

    9. Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of aviator Howard Hughes earned him a best actor nomination. Is this his first nomination?

    10. When were the first Academy Awards handed out?

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