Suit Against Harmful Religions

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by stevenlchilds, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I would like to propose a class action lawsuit against harmful religions. They say there is an alleged God and or Satan that is greater than I am. This is obviously not true. Their scriptures say things that slander us. Their scriptures say things that threaten us. Their scriptures say they intend on making us surrender to them or their God. If their God had all power or greater power as they claim I would give them credibility. The truth supports me in them having no credibility. They say things about me that are untrue and slanderous. They say I will be damned. They say I am evil. Their claim cannot be substantiated because they wrongly claim their God to be greater than myself. They claim their God has moral authority. This cannot be substantiated. Their fraudulent God and its followers have harmed me. There claim of my inferiority is groundless. They have harmed my good name. I am not an enemy of anyone including their God. They claim I am and that I should be killed or damned or subdued. Their position against me is criminal. They threaten my life. Their religious view has no bases in fact. This is a battle over who makes who. Who is going to make me not go forward with this lawsuit? Those who try are obstructing justice and are in danger of legal action against them. I will hurt them legally.

    If you want to sign on to this class action lawsuit send me an email. You can remain anonymous if you like. Keep in touch with my web page for further developments. The link is on my profile.
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    Ever hear of the Constitution? The First Amendment?

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