Secret Files of the Liberal Hypocrites

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    Goldberg's recommended book, Do As I Say, Not as I Do, sounds like it would be well worth reading.

    The Secret Files of the Anti-Hypocrite Squad
    A mirror to the Left.
    By Jonah Goldberg, National Review
    October 28, 2005


    Which finally brings me to the point of this column. There's a delightful new book out called Do As I Say (Not As I Do), by Peter Schweizer. And what makes it particularly delightful is that it goes after the anti-hypocrisy jihadists. I may not be obsessed with "rooting out hypocrisy" from American life. But who among us can't have some fun watching the leading anti-hypocrisy crusaders exposed for betraying their core values?

    Michael Moore, the biggest mouthpiece of the anti-hypocrite Left, constantly denounces Republicans as racists for opposing affirmative action. Schweizer reports that Moore almost never hires black people. Moore insists, "I don't own a single share of stock." He denounces clever Enron style schemes to conceal wealth and rails against Haliburton as the Mother of All Evils. He told C-Span's Brian Lamb in his best prolier-than-thou voice that he wanted nothing to do with the stock market. "That's the rich man's game."

    Well, it turns out Moore's got another game going. As Schweizer reports, Moore told the IRS his home is the headquarters of his tax-free foundation, to which he contributes some of his millions for the write-off. The foundation, in turn, not only bought stock — its holdings are a Who's Who of "greedy" corporations, including Halliburton.

    Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, accepted the Cesar Chavez Award from the United Farm Workers Union in 2003. She constantly spouts about the imperative of hiring union labor. But she contracts out the grape-picking on her own vineyard to non-UFW firms. She's also a part owner of some restaurants and a hotel. No union labor there, either.

    MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, who regularly denounces the Pentagon as a "fascist institution" and has mounted a campaign to expel ROTC from his school, has garnered millions in grants from the Pentagon for his linguistics research.

    And so on.

    Now, none of this means that the lions of the Left are wrong when they say what they say. I grew up in a rent-controlled apartment, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong that rent-control is idiotic. If Howard Dean has really decided to root out hypocrisy anywhere he finds it, he should pick up this book and get to work putting his own house in order.

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