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    I like non-fiction and true stories. When I find one that is based on history, past crimes, spy operations etc I am always interested. Quite rare to find good ones and I often will only watch an episode or two, sometimes only a few minutes and I realize it's not well made.

    In my opinion this is a very well made show. Taped in Canada as it were, though the stories are all from detectives in the U.S. I give them credit for a well produced show, especially by Canadian standards. There are even some actors in these episodes that I've seen in well known movies.

    I read the episode descriptions before watching as some crimes I don't have the stomach to watch, but so far, after about five episodes, I a hooked. Season 2 Ep 1 is a pretty tough one to watch, the very first episode in season 1 is almost too unbelievable, something out of a big screen movie, but they are all true stories. Easy to have sympathy for the detectives as they relive the cases that still haunt them.

    Oh, and some of the criminals in these stories are outright nutjobs. Most of the stories could be movies they are so uncanny and shocking in their twists.

    Anyone else seen this show?

    Real Detective (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb
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