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    I am new to this board. I am in sales, and I am in my car quite a bit. I get tired of listening to the same thing over, and over.
    Every once in a while I will turn on Rush.
    I need to know do the strict conservatives really like this guy?
    I am not a liberal, or a conservative. I listen to candidates, and vote on how I feel. I will never vote strictly by party. I personally feel that is foolish. I think there is good, and bad on both sides.

    The reason I ask about Rush, is because being in sales, I know the proper way to get your point across is to tell how great your product, or in this case your party is. It seems he spends his entire show bashing democrats, saying how much they hate Bush, and how mean spirited they are. He rarely says anything pro republican. It is all anti democrat. The funniest thing is how he bashes the democrats for bashing.

    He is the type that if a republican does it, it's right. If a democrat does it, it's wrong. Listening to him sometimes turns me away from the right, because his agenda is purely to make the left look bad. He has everyone convinced he is telling the truth, but he is the same guy that said "Drug addicts should be put in prison"
    Now, he is a drug addict.

    I like GWB, I am concerned about the WMD issue, and the economy, but he is keeping our country safe, which is the most important issue here is.

    I am just curious about Limbaugh, because he seems to have alot of influence out there, and I wonder if the real right listens to him. I get really frustrated listening to him, because we all know he makes alot of money. But then he makes fun of the rich elites.

    I feel he is a big hypocrite, but he is entertaining.
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    Most listeners (myself included) are like you. They turn him on, once in a while when driving to work, lunch or whatever, and enjoy the entertainment. You don't here the things he says said in the mainstream media. We here GW bashing and GOP bashing all day long on TV. But you turn on your radio, and you get to listen to somebody bashing the liberals. Kinda refreshing if you ask me.

    If you listen to Rush enough, you will learn that he is an entertainer and that, like most entertainers, he likes to listen to himself.

    As for his making fun of the rich elites, you need to understand: there are the rich, and then there are the rich elites. Rush is just rich. There is nothing "elite" about him.

    As for his drug problem, well, yes, he was hippocritical on that issue, but then again, most addicts are. Denial is the biggest problem addicts face. So, as the liberals say, we need to have some compassion and try to understand! :huh:
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    As a person who listens to Rush religiously, I think i can snswer your questions pretty well.

    First I am 23 year recent grad w/ a degree in Poli Sci and would have to say that, yes, the way Rush feels is the way most conservatives feel. Keep in mind however how the political spectrum and the ideoligical spectrum are alined. Consertavism and liberalism are ideologies. Republican and Democrats are just political parties. If alligned on top of each other conservative would be right of Republican and liberal would be left of Democrat.

    To me the two ideologies are used to tackle the socail issues of our time. Rush believes that conservatism is the best way to tackle said issues. His beef with liberals is that he believes their desire is to make everyone a victim and thus entitled to various things they may not neccessarily deserve in an atttempt to keep people dependent on them so they can stay in power. This is true to large extent. The biggest beef I have with Rush is his air of overconfidence or cockiness. Most of the time is right and he will be the first to say so and right or not people don't like listening to cocky people.

    Personally I highly doubt that you are neutral or not conservative and not liberal. I would agree w/ Ann Coulter about one thing (she is further right then Rush and really not concerned about getting people to see things her way) You are conservative or liberal in ideology before you hit your mid teens. It's a simple matter of who personifies this ideology the most in whatever candidate you like. Rush's beef w/ you (and mine) is your use of the "f" word "Feel" Conservatives believe that feeling isn't enough you also need to consult your brain and ask if what you feell makes sense.

    Personally I have never heard Rush attack the rich. He has attacked eliteists, but they're not the same thing. Rush like many has a problem w/ people who are rich, but really haven't earned it. Eliteists are people who are rich and think it inherently makes them better then others and they have the right ideas and everyone else is an idiot. He is speaking about people like Tim Robbins and doesn't understand why keep asking the Hollywood elite how the country should run. What the heck do they know about it?

    As far as Rush's drug thing. It is very easy to condemn the actions of people you don't know. It gets harder when it hits close to him. What if your pro-life and all of a sudden it's your sister getting the abortion. Do you support and say "it's okay" or stick to your guns and let her know that what she's done is wrong. Probably some of both.

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