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Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by amrchaos, Mar 13, 2011.

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    (Not for the serious devout)

    Is it possible to "Test God"? If we go by the believers claims, it is a resounding yes. Yet many believers argue that one cannot test god. Let me clear away such unbased reasoning away right here and now.

    The idea behind a Test for god is to provoke a response from god due to some stimuli as performed by man or physical object. Then such responses is recorded and analyzed. The idea that such a test cannot be performed can only be based on three criterias

    1) the object of the Test-God-does not need or wish to respond.
    2)We will not be able to tell if it is god we are observing
    3)the results are unable to be analyzed.

    Taken this into account, what can we say about the Bible? It does all 3!
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    I think you are going to have to elaborate alittle here. I'm not sure what you mean by "Test God." If you mean act in such a way where God will eventually provide witnesses to existence and His doctrine. Then the scriptures are a clear yes, we can learn for ourselves that there is a God and that His doctrine is true. If you mean something else, well, I don't know and won't know until you elaborate what you mean.

    For example, the Lord provides a promise in Malachi to testify to the Children of Israel that the Lord will bless them for paying their tithes and offerings:

    Here is a way to test your faith in the law of Tithing and offerings. The Lord said He would prove to you that He will pour out the blessings of Heaven.

    Christ promised us that the Spirit would prove to us the Doctrine He taught, whether it was from the Father, or of Himself here:

    If you want to know the truth of the Doctrine that the Gospel teaches, if you want to know it's from God, then test it. Experiment on the Word of God. There are further examples of this concept in the Book of Mormon:

    There are many more details of the Experiment on the Word in that chapter. My point in quoting it is that we can learn through our efforts whether there is a God and whether the Word is Good or not.

    My last example from the scriptures showing us that we can know for ourselves again comes from the Book of Mormon. In fact, it's the promise the Book provides that if we seek to learn from the Lord, He will reveal to us whether the Book of Mormon is true as well. Of course, If He does this, that likewise confirms both that God is real and that Jesus is the Christ.

    We can learn all things through the Holy Spirit. He will teach us all things. That's why Baptism and the laying on of hands is so important. When we recieve the Baptism by the Holy Ghost, we can learn so much more than we currently know. We can learn faster. We can understand things hidden from most of the world. It's an incredible gift.

    So to answer your question. We can experiment on the Word. If we are willing to act in faith, even if it's just enough faith to try things. I know personally, I didn't know God was real at first. I just decided to accept a proposition. If God is real and the scripturs are true, then He can make Himself known to me somehow and someway. I didn't know how or what to expect or whether to expect anything. And I didn't know how long it would take to find out. But I was willing to try things. I was willing to seek the knowedge for myself through my own experiences and experimentation. I've learned alot since then. I did learn that God is real. I did learn that Jesus was the Christ. That the Bible and Book of Mormon are true. I learned many things I never expected to as well. And they werent all in ways I expected.

    I hope I answered the question.

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