Media's Stoking of Racial Violence

Discussion in 'Media' started by pal_of_poor, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I've been hearing about the beating of the white kid on the school bus, and how the coverage, in particular Rush Limbaugh thinks that before Obama, there was never any incident of fighting on the school bus, in particular fights between blacks and whites. It's pretty clear he never has ridden a school bus.

    A thought just popped into my head--riding on a school bus is like going to the Lord of the Flies environment twice each day. There is no law, there is no security, and it's a very primal situation, where you really have to watch your ass. The only thing lacking is a pig's head on a stick. I had a fight, not of my choice, since I am passive. He was a typical guy, a little short fellow with a napoleonic complex, who starts this kind of thing, I suppose out of insecurity. I'm not sure why he chose me, huge, tall, to pick on, but he did. Some idiot relative probably gave him that advice of picking the largest guy and punching him. He got one in, and I punched him about the body five or six times, and he reeled back, and landed in his sister's lap. I kind of felt sorry for him, and even after he hit me, I didn't want to hurt him. I couldn't even bring myself to hit him in the face, worrying that I might hurt him badly. But no one bothered me after that.

    School buses are terrible environments, and if you can spare your kid that situation, you should. There is no security, with the exception of a screaming bus driver, and perhaps we should try to get some parents to ride it. I don't see race in this situation, but a lack of security, and I question what security measures we need to put in place to stop it.

    And as far as people standing around egging them on, well, that's pretty normal too. Every fight I've ever seen in school involved someone screaming "fight, fight," and crowds, no, throngs of on-lookers rushing to the site, as if it were a pay-per-view event, though we didn't have that back then. Violence incites people, and brings out the worst quality of humans.

    So, it's all as it has always been. Now that white guy beating up the black woman in the restaurant in front of her child, that 47 year-old man, screaming you f*cking ******, shut up ****** bitch, now that seems a little aberrant. I can't help but wonder if he hasn't taken his marching orders from Limbaugh, and FOX News. This is why I always say, these guys sit up there with their golden microphones, and on their talking head shows, and provoke people into exactly this kind of racial violence, and it is a real shame that instead of the misdirected violence toward innocent victims, that someone, somewhere doesn't just find Glen Beck, and part his eyebrows with a fast-moving projectile.

    I think the only way to bring some responsibility to these folks is to show them there is some danger. I certainly would NOT encourage anyone to do it, but it is one of those things that needs doing. Rush's head is probably going to explode eventually anyway with all the drugs he does and if not his head, his heart, so that'd be a waste of a bullet. In a decent world, in a real world, we'd have some government intervention in the race inciting of their media, but that would be too much like right. I don't know how they live with themselves in taking us in the wrong direction, nor the republicans who've developed this southern strategy of embracing the hateful rednecks of the world, instead of helping us all by rejecting them. But I guess like the CEOs, their bosses, like Ruppert Murdoch pay them vast sums to be sociopaths on the radio and television.

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