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    Ok I cut and pasted most of this from an interview I did a while back....

    My name is Ben Marble. I have a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. I later received my M.D. and I am currently working as an ER physician.

    I have also had quite a bit of success with my modern rock musical project aka dR. O where I am the lead vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter! Due to us having 26 #1 songs on MP3.COM with listeners in over 100 countries, YAHOO.COM hailed dR. O as the SUPERGROUP OF CYBERSPACE!

    I've played some cool gigs at places like the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CBGB's in NYC, the United Nations, Masquerades in Atlanta, the September 0911 concert in NYC, CPR fest in Biloxi, Pensacola Springfest, etc. I even got to play the "Go F**k Yourself Mr. Cheney" song in front of the White House on 09/11/07. The last live show dR. O played was opening up for Alice Cooper, Queensryche, and Black Sabbath in Boston back in late 2007...

    I like to invent things in my spare time and I have 2 patents pending:
    1-my "Secure" IV catheter. It is the first IV catheter to have adhesive built into the catheter resulting in far less 'lost iv's' translating into saved lives!
    2-the world's first VIDEO MEDICAL RECORD aka CHARTCAM

    I have also invented a 'Liver Protector'(seat belt attachment), a one person diaper changer, and a new type of IUD.

    I am a surfer, political pundit/activist, artist/painter, published author, computer geek, tennis player,fisherman, videographer, indie film maker, and creator/owner of over 25 websites....for ex. my site hurricanekatrinasucked.com has received over 5 million visits (currently switching serves on several of my sites)

    As for religion, I conceptualized what I call the lowest common denominator "GOD" with my 'Universal Theory of GOD' i.e. whatever great unknown thing, spirit, or process it was that led to everything that exists should be known as "GOD". It is important to note that this theory applies to ALL humans (atheists, scientists, Jews, Islamics, Christians, Buddhists,etc.) so if you believe you exist then you are a believer! It is also important to note that "GOD" gave us REALITY not a BOOK because we all know that all books are written by HUMANS (so quit telling me all about "GODS word" in that book NOT written by GOD!) This ideology is the essence of the world's first reality based religion aka REALIGION!

    Last but not least I am the guy who on 09/08/05 said "Go F**k Yourself Mr. Cheney...Go F**k Yourself...Go F**k Yourself A**hole!" to The Dick Cheney on LIVE international television.
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