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    1 - Inflation will remain reasonable as long as there are idiots buying government debt

    2 - People will keep buying government debt as long as there is not much inflation and a hope that recovery is around the corner

    3 - The economy will not recover

    4 - People ( China etc ) will start to buy less government debt. This will force government to print more out of thin air and increase inflation. Increased inflation will ensure even less people buy debt.

    5 - Us will force countries to buy US debt or else we turn you into a glass parking lot. This may intimidate a few countries but without China it won't do much good - say hello to hyperinflation.

    6 - After about 2 or 3 years of hyperinflation everybody holding US debt has been completely wiped out. Our problems with paying back China have been officially solved. Your grandkids can be happy they don't owe nobody shit ( except green toilet paper ).

    7 - Since Dollar is now not good for anything but wiping ass a new currency - THE AMERO is introduced. It is made sound ( backed by something other than hot air ).

    8 - New textbooks in history and economics are developed by the Rockefeller and made standard text in all public schools ( and all schools are public at this point ). In these books the blame is placed on China, Japan and Germany. Also it is concluded that the catastrophe could have been avoided if only FED had unlimited power. Graduation from any school is contingent on being able to "correctly" cite the causes of the collapse - namely FED not having enough power.

    9 - Amero is the most stable currency with a stable inflation of approximately 1%. Plus its "the safest" so everybody wants to get some. After about 20 years the whole world is saturated with Amero and NAU government declares that Amero will no longer be backed by anything - it will from now on be a FIAT currency.

    10 - Supply of Amero is gradually increased 10 fold over a period of 20 years until the whole system is pulled ( imploded ) again.

    11 - Rinse and Repeat.

    So recovery will not actually take place until USA and Dollar collapse and Amero and NAU replace them. And the collapse will not occur until China and everybody else finally gives up on the dollar - this may take time since we would be using every trick in the book to convince them not to give up.

    Since we already know that Dollar will be imploded it is our goal to have others to take on as many dollars in these last few years as possible. Dollar is the toxic asset that we need to force feed to the rest of the planet by any means necessary ( such as threatening a nuclear holocaust ).

    Because we will be doing our best to convince everybody that Dollar is absolutely safe the collapse and recovery will be delayed by years.

    In other words there will be no recovery for at least 5 years or so or whatever the time it takes for NAU to form and Amero to replace the Dollar.

    By recovery i mean full employment in the private sector.
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