Double standard of the rrwe

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    (Radical Right Wing Extremists)

    They want to judge Obama by his non-Islam practicing father that was only in his live for two years, for spending a few years in a public school in Indonesia, attending a church were history lessons on racism in America were taught, association with Bill Ayers who was an activist during the Vietnam war protesting the atrocities committed by U.S. on Vietnamese, an listening to Marshall’s communist ideals having an influence and molding who Obama is today. But how about the white mother and white mid west grand parents influence on him and molding him into what he is today? Did they ever denounce the T-party racist rants? The racist name calling and cartoons? And calling Obama a baby murderer for supporting women’s right to choose? Blaming Obama for an ad calling Romany a killer of a women that he had nothing to do with. At the same time do not believe Romney is influenced and molded by the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and the book of Mormon’s racist teachings. Then he pick a catholic as his VP still wet behind the ears and would take women back to the dark ages and put American on “poor farms“? Bain did send jobs out of the country causing Americans to lose their jobs and healthcare. And Romney has interest in Bain that support Bain’s actions. Would that be guilt by association? The RRWE will protect their own at any expense to the country. Will Romney/Ryan put their religious belief above he welfare of the American people? Will their religious beliefs influence the way the run the country? I believe it will. This nation was built on Christianity. We used Christianity to take this country from the natives. Mormonism and Catholicism do not reflect the teachings of Christianity. One is based on a fairly tale and the other on paganism. Joseph Smith must have been hallucinating on mushroom he found in the forest when the wrote the Book of Mormons. The Garden of Eden could not have been in the U.S. Jesus did not come to America after the resurrection. And the curse of Canaan were not black people they were white people. There is nothing in the Book of Mormon that remotely resemble the Christian Holy Bible. It is another teaching that Jesus told us not to accept. (2 Cor 11;4)(Matt 7;15)

    A Romney/Ryan in the white house would turn this country up side down. Do be careful who you vote for in November because we don’t get to do “do-over’s.” we get them for four years. You think Bush and Obama were bad for the country? Romney/Ryan will bring in the four horseman of the apocalypse. Conquest, war, famine and death.

    Why is half the county “cow bowing” to cults and pagans?

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