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Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by Chips Rafferty, Apr 23, 2007.

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    In response to some tongue-in-cheek posts about whether Jesus, who is his own father (and consequently was in an incestuous relationship with His own mother!) remember, assumed human form to reform his barbaric religion (thus apologising for his earlier psychotic behaviour, it would seem) Scooter said,

    Point taken, Scooter, but “competitions of triviality?" :eusa_naughty:

    I’ll have you know that there are around two thousand “Christian” American religions founded on far sillier theological trivialities. Some as derisorily trivial as the placement of a comma in the sacrosanct text of divinely inspired KJV! :wtf:

    I suppose this may seem ridiculous, when you think that pious King James was a despicable poo-jabbing poofter (Christian sentiments, not mine) and the hominid Hebrew’s primitive cave abrasions, that comprise The Holy Bauble, had no punctuation marks.

    But try to remember that universal "salvation" swings on such trivialities and many devil-dodging Proddies would be appalled by your remarks! :razz:

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