Back door amnesty

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    Obama Changes Immigration Rule
    Families With Citizens Can Stay Together, Get Undocumented Relatives Waivers
    By Dan Moffett,

    Because the administration is changing an administrative rule and not U.S. law, the move does not require the approval of Congress.

    The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) applauded the change and said it “will give countless American families a chance to stay together safely and legally.”
    Pelta said she knows of applicants who have been killed while waiting for approval in dangerous Mexican border cities that are riddled with violence. “The adjustment to the rule is important because it literally saves lives,” she said.
    The National Council of La Raza, the nation’s most prominent Latino civil rights group, praised the change, calling it “sensible and compassionate.”
    Republicans criticized the rule change as politically motivated and further weakening of U.S. law. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said the president had “granted back-door amnesty” to potentially millions of illegal immigrants.
    Latino and Hispanic groups have criticized the Obama administration for aggressively pursuing deportations during its first three years.

    Obama had campaigned on implementing a comprehensive immigration reform plan during his first term. But he said problems with the worsening U.S. economy and stormy relations with Congress forced him to postpone plans for immigration reform.
    In 2011, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the administration would use more discretion before deporting undocumented immigrants. The aim is to concentrate on immigrants will criminal records rather than those who have violated only immigration laws.

    Obama Makes Immigration Rule Change

    Damn obama, sly as a fox.

    Does this mean parents of anchor babies are home free?
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    Immigration courts gonna backup even more...
    Immigration Courtrooms Fall Silent As Obama Administration Reviews Deportation Cases
    January 16, 2012 — In a trial of a politically divisive program, U.S. prosecutors in Denver and Baltimore are reviewing thousands of deportation cases to determine which illegal immigrants might stay in the country — perhaps indefinitely — so officials can reduce an overwhelming backlog by focusing mainly on detainees with criminal backgrounds or who are deemed threats to national security.

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