American Shootout Caught on Tape

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    Brave shopkeeper caught on Tape dominating his would-be thief, grabbing his gun and shoot the thief several times Andrew Hepburn, the owner of CAD Auto Parts store, was sitting in his office when two men armed suspects entered. When one of them was distracted by a witness, he saw his chance Hepburn grabbed the man's gun and shot him several times as the accomplice fled The owner of a car shop that fought during an attempted robbery in Oakland Park, Florida was all captured on video surveillance chilling.

    Both the suspected gunman, Conrad Bloomfield, 36, of Lauderhill, and Andrew Hepburn, the owner of CAD Auto Parts Store, suffered gunshot wounds. Video captures Hepburn sitting in his office looking at his phone when a man pokes his head through the door, then another man comes along and pulls a gun.

    At first, Hepburn is so busy looking at his cell to even realizes there is a gun. But then Bloomfield, who is accused of attempted murder, owner strip to the floor and makes him lying on the floor. He hits him in the head, step on it, and grabs his arms behind his back. Meanwhile, the alleged accomplice, also armed, distracted by another man happens.

    He brings out the man in the office, but the two fight, and soon both the witness and accomplice fled. That's when the store owner sees his window of opportunity and begins to fight. He manages to fight the alleged gunman to the ground and shoots him several times. Police say that during the altercation he Bloomfield shot five times in the chest.

    Hepburn was shot in the side by the apparent accomplice, reports The Sun-Sentinel. Hepburn obtained after the suspect on the ground continues to hit again and again in the head with the gun until the video finally disappears. The second gunman fled the scene and apparently still at large. Bloomfield is reportedly in serious to critical condition in hospital. Hepburn is expected to recover. 'This video demonstrates the remarkable violence. It is surprising, given the exchange of fire in such a small space, no one was killed, "said sheriff's spokeswoman Dani Moschella.

    Police continue searching for the second alleged murderer and a witness who interrupted the dramatic scene.
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    Libs: "HE SHOT AN UNARMED MAN!!!!!!"

    Once he took the gun....the robber became an "unarmed man" baha.

    Go riot lefties.
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