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  • How do pieces of shit as dangerously stupid as you manage to remain a fugitive of natural selection this long? The fact that your last story hasn't received a Darwin Award is proof that we need to roll back some public safety measures.
    Well I get special energy bonus packs for triggering snowflakes like you! Thanks, with these recent bonus packs you've extended my life expectancy by 5 or more years.

    i have english question . this sentense :
    i bring peace and friendship from ....... to ....... .
    wrong ?
    This is a friendly reminder that trolling is not allowed in the Politics forum. Thank you.
    Its not called partisanship if you have evidence that it exsists. Sometimes one side is just that wrong.
    Thanks. She was. She was deaf from birth and eventually went blind. She's been gone now for two years. We have fond memories of her as I bet you do of your. Thanks again.
    I was wondering if she was a homozygous merle - it sounds as if she had a great life with you :) I'm involved in Aussie rescue, and have had several deaf/visually impaired dogs come through - they've been awesome and people don't realize that a deaf dog can make a wonderful pet! (((Hugs))) she sounds wonderful :)
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