SOS: NO Giuliani/Romney a.o. RINOs ! But a New State Department to Help Trump MAGA !

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Nov 7, 2016
SOS: NO Giuliani/Romney ao RINO ! But a New State Department to Help Trump MAGA, as he made American People dream​

Old Political Establishment's RINOs, as Giuliani and Romney, are Not really Competent for a State Department Top Role in Foreign Policy, and, particularly, in Contradiction with US President-elect, Don Trump's main Agenda, as endorsed by all those People who Struggled, Voted and Elected him in order to realize certain Crystal-clear Aims on Issues of Crucial Importance for MAGA.

- Concerning Romney, it's Obvious :

Someone who Fought Against Don Trump, all the way, even at the price of a Failed Attempt to Divide the GOP, in Addition to his Traditional ..."Flip-Flop" inconsistency, as even former US President GWBush had noted in the Past, as well his notorious Lack of Charisma, as US Voters repeatedly Denounced, by Rejecting him Twice, both on 2008 and 2012, (etc), certainly is Not suited at all for such a Future Job.

- Concerning Giuliani, apparently, things seem a bit different, but, in Fact, (given his Opportunism and Shady role in some Big Issues), they are even Worse !

Already, Back on 2004-2005, Giuliani's long-time collaborator and afterwards Partner in Private Consulting, Kerik, had been pushed by him and initialy Endorsed by US President GWBush for a Top Job as Head of USA Security, Bsut, after Strong Resistance and Criticism, clear Denunciations and Protests, mainly by GWBush's own Supporters (including some among our best Friends), the POTUS finaly Decided to Drop Giuliani's favorite, (who was Condemned, Next Year, even for having his appartments maintained by shady Criminal Networks-related groups).

And Nowadays, there are, in Fact, Too Many Contradictions between Mr. Giuliani and US President-elect Don Trump's main promisses to the People, which Risk to seriously Undermine the Credibility and/or the Efficiency of his Future Activities in areas of Crucial Importance.
Among others, f.ex., :


Giuliani didn't openly express support for Trump during a particularly Long and Hard 2015-2016 GOP Primary, but only After the latter got GOP's Nomination on July 2016. (Previously, he had even tried to Stick to Cruz and/or Others).

Such Publicity was notoriously Exploited in order to Sell his various Consulting Businesses to "Clients who Hired Giuliani Less for his Work, than for his Name"...

(See, f.ex: In Private Sector, Giuliani Parlayed Fame Into Wealth ).

Previously, back on 2008 US Presidential Election,

Giuliani had already attempted to falsely appear close to the (in fact unrelated to him) good Senator (currently Governor) Brownback, after which several among the latters' supporters Droped him, resulting in his resignation from GOP's 2007-2008 Primaries, - immediately replaced at the Christian grassroots Movement by Governor Mike Huckabee, who succeeded to Lead the Struggle for the 1st place, until he was eliminated by pro-Estalishment"'s McCain, mainly via that "Super Tuesday" anti-democracy Method, that Giuliani had reportedly set up inside GOP's RINOS. McCain's inevitable Electoral Catastrophe in front of Obama, Started by cancelling Bush's decision on protection of Human Embryo from Genetic Manipulations, in March 2009, followed by unprecedented Virus Epidemics threatening the whole World, to the Benefit of Vaccine producing Big Pharma Corporations, (etc).

But, when Giuliani dared go directly Himself in GOP's 2012 Primaries, it was even Worse, as far as his Rejection from the People is concerned : Despite a lot of Money vainly Wasted, and many MainStream Medias' Polls claiming that he would be first, on the Contrary, Giuliani was soon obliged tio Abandon the race, with only 1 or 2 Electors lost alone somewhere up to Nevada's gray midst !

So, he left us with a "Flip-Flop" Romney, (as Bush had nicknamed him, because of his inconsistency) : Another unpopular Establishment, MSM's RINO, and notoriously Anti-Trump, who brought back Barack Hussein Obama's Benghazi Killings and ISIL's Islamic Terrorism spreading in Iraq and Syria, before Africa, followed by Europe, and now even inside the U.S.A, with a growing lot of mass Murders of innocent civilian people by some coward criminals.

In consequence, on 2016, his Last attempt, Giuliani was obliged to limit his personal ambition into simply, again, "Sticking" upon anyone who might get GOP's Primaries, (this time : Trump), desperately trying to get as much Free Publicity, as he could, for his Private Business, (See above), independently of whether he might mislead someone to Hire him, or not, just by appearing "papabile" the longest possible, at MSM's Screens...




- Giuliani is notoriously for War in Aghanistan, and stubbonrly in favor even of Iraq's Military Invasion and Occupation,
supporting a line similar to Controversial former UK Prime Minister Tony Blais, a Liberal "New Labour" Socialist Party ex-Top Politician, who pushed the US to far reaching War, back on 2003, on the base of Untrue Claims about Saddam Hussein's so-called "Weapons of Mass Distruction", which, in fact, did Not Exist, as even UK's Official Investigation (known as "Chilcot's Report") concluded, after years of enquiries, in the Famous "Chilcot's Report", just published on Summer 2016.

On the Contrary, Donald Trump is Against Both Wars. He has asked for US Mlitary to get out of Afghanistan, strongly Criticized the Absence of supposed "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq, and Denounced the fact that the Situation was Better with Sadham Hussein in the Past, than Nowadays, (with ISIS Terrorists, etc).

+ Moreover, Giuliani has also Expressed in Public, as a matter of General Pinciple, his Preference for War Mongering, by various Military Interventions across the World, as a means to Hinder Ennemies from eventual risks to Attack anew the US.

++ He has also appeared Ready to even Kill "unfortunate" innocent Civilian People, if he might consider it as a way to Save Others, in his view...
(F.ex.: Rudy Giuliani: Istanbul Attack Shows ISIS Carrying Out Their 'Plan' etc.)

Significantly, in this regard, Giuliani referred to Harry Truman, a former vice-President transfrmed to US President only once, who launched a Nuclear Bomb against Civilian People at Nagasaki-Hiroshima in Japan,

... while the 2nd World War had already been Won Before that, Succeeded a Double Win, Both in the World War II, and against the Worst Global Economic Crisis of History on 1929, by inventing his "Big Deal" Keynes-inspired Economic Policy, of Historic and World-wide importance.
In Addition, while the Giuliani-favorite, Harry Truman, (a by-product of Corrupted Provincial "Pendergast Machine" from Missouri, an undemocratic Thugs Gang-leader), provoked a Controversial Massive Massacre of many Thousands of Innocent Civilian People, (partly as Ben Laden with 911), and fell deep into a "Cold War" era, Quarelling against Russia and China, etc., with Mass Spying and Oppressive Maccarthysm measures against Dissident American People inside the USA, (who insulted Atomic Bomb inventor Oppenheimer as "son of a (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)", before Excluding him from qualified Work, when he expressed Remords for the Victims), until 1953,

on the Contrary, Franklin Roosevelt (an educated son of an important Family of Businessmen of Dutch-French origin), Won a Real Military War against NAZIsm and Fascism, in Friendly Cooperation with Russia and China (despite Tensions), and Designed the Global Foundations of Future Peace, both by Yalta and other GeoPolitical Deals, as well as by the Creation of the UNO. (I.e., mutatis-mutandis, almost as Don Trump aims to do Nowadays, against Islamic Terrorism and Obama/Clinton's War-mongering, by Negotiating Friendly Deals with Leaders of key Nations, while Peacefuly Fixing US Economy !)...


+ On "Global Warming" controversial Theories and Policies, Giuliani reportedly Believes that Dems' former Vice-President "Al Gore...did Not go Far Enough" ("Wikipedia), and "Believes that Humans are Contributing" to such a phenomenon, Contrary to what Trump campaigned for, in principle.


+ Giuliani has generaly been for Strict Restrictions and Gun Controls, (holding several exchanges with Bill Clinton for that matter), to the point that many Trump Supporters express now their Hope that the former NY Mayor will Not be appointed in the new Federal Administration, at elast for that reason. While NGO "Gun Owners for America" Denounced the Fact that, by pushing for Stricter Controls in Populated Cities than in the Countryside, Giuliani "Takes Away the most effective Means of Self-Defense, from those People who Need it Most".

- Indeed, Giuliani was has been made unpopular among several "God and Guns" fans, defending American Citizens' traditional Right to protect their Family, Home and Work by a personal Gun : An issue which recently became anew Topical, after ISIL Terrorists' Massacre of more than 100 innocent Civilian People in Paris' "Bataclan" cabaret, etc., on November 2015.

On the Contrary, Trump is, in principle, Strongly Favorable to People's Historic Rights according to the 2nd Amendment in US Constitution.
Recently, after ISIS' Terrorist Attacks Killing more than 100 Civilian People in Paris, on November 2015, particularly among American Rock Group EODM at "Bataclan", Trump observed that if some among the Victims had Guns, they might have reacted against Islamic Terrorists and Saved Human Lives.

This proved Right these Days (Nov. 2016) at Ohio, U.S., when another ISIS Terrrorist Attacked and Wounded 11 Civilians with his Car and a huge Butcher's Knife, before being Shot Down by a Young Policeman, who prevented, thus, Killings of Innocent People.

on Bio-ETHICS :


+ Giuliani stands for Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, supporting Controversial Stem Cell Research, Contrary to Twice-Elected former US President GWBush (who unexpectedly Won brillantly his 2004 Re-Election with a crystal-clear + 3% Lead basically because of Last-Minute Popular Mobilisation on that issue, to which we actively participated then), and to the Majority of Conservatives' Values, as well as of various Other People, in America and elsewhere in the World, concerned both on Moral grounds and due to obvuious Dangers against all Humankind.

This goes also against new 2017 White House team Leader, Priebus, former GOP 2016 Convention President, who, in his Concluding Speech to the Cleveland (Ohio) National Republican Convention, which Elected Trump as GOP's Candidate for US President, clearly promissed that Don. would "Defend the UnBorn".



++ This is even More Dangerous when it Combines also with "Same Sex Marriage", and, particularly, "Adoption" of Children by Homosexual couples, which obviously Risk to Open a "Pandora Box" on Establishment's Technocratic Lobbies' Power over Artificial Births of Human Beings, (f.ex. by IVF, Surrogacy, etc), against Natural Births of Human Beings by Free, Independent and Naturaly Fertile (unless Exceptionaly sterile), Traditional, Natural Famiiy, formed by a Man and a Woman.
But, Giuliani openly supports now Everything which is Controversial, Unpopular (particularly among Conservative American People) and Dangerous, in this regard :

- In the Past, he has been, since a Long Time, in favour of "Civil Unions" between Homosexuals, and widely known to be "more to the Left ... on Gay Issues" than Anybody else, (according to "Wikipedia", etc). To the point that a 2000 Video, published by Many Medias on 2006, which shows a travesti Giuliani dressed in Mauve "Drag Queen" charm Trump with a perfume, during an Inner Circle event at NY Hilton, seems less fake, than unfortunaley reflecting something true...


- On 2015, he Called for the Supreme Court to Legalize Gay Marriage Nationwide, and, finaly, earlier this year, on June 2016, Giuliani went as far as to even provocatively "Officiate his first Same-Sex Wedding" !

This is in Blatant Contradiction with a Majority of Conservative, Republican and other American People's Struggle during recent years, who gave even Adopted, by many Crystal-clear Democratic Majority Votes, a lot of Popular Referenda, Resolutions, Laws, Constitutional Amendments, etc., throughout several States (including even California) in favour of Traditional Marriage for Natural Family between a Man and a Woman, only to be Undemocraticaly cancelled by a few Obama-Appointed Supreme Court Judges afterwards, who Imposed by Force to the American People and Federated States what they did Not want at all, in a Scandalous show of Brutal Undemocratic Dictate by only a handful of Politicaly-motivated Bureaucratic Cronies going Against "We, the People", that all GOP Candidates to the 2016 US Presidential Election vowed, from the Start of GOP's Primaries, to Reverse on 2017.

Trump clearly declared that he Supports Traditional Marriage for Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman. Contrary to Giuliani, he prefers for Each State to be Free to Decide on that Issue, and, therefore, Opposes that Obama-appointed Supreme Court Judges' ruling which atempts to Impose controversial Same Sex Marriage Nationwide, (See Above). In order to Reverse that, he has promised to appoint the Best among 11 Judges that he has chosen for the Supreme Court, holding pro-Natural Family traditional views.

+ Moreover, concerning, more specifcialy the State Department's Top Job, the Out-Going US President Barack Hussein Obama, has been notoriously Criticized, in Many and Various Parts of the World, for Systematicaly Abusing of US Power in order to Attempt to Impose his controversial "Same Sex Marriage" Agenda over the Head of numerous Foreign Countries accross the Continents, overseas, not only in Europe, but even in Poor and SIDA-hit African Countries, (as, f.ex., during a recent Trip in Kenya, etc), provoking often Strong Negative Reactions, from Russia, Bielorussia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, etc. up to Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Philippines, China, etc), as well as among the Biggest Christian Communities Worldwide, (f.ex. 1,5 Billion of Catholics, but also Evangelical and other relevant Protestants, etc), but also accross various other, even "Free Thinker" People, genuinly Concerned about the above-mentioned Dangers against all Humankind.

The New, incoming 2017 US Administration, under President-Elect Don Trump, should give a brand New Message, Worldwide, quite Differend from Obama's Unpopular attempts to exert undue Pressure, and even, often, Blackmail up to Poor African and other Countries accross the Globe, in order to Impose, Against the will of the Majority of their People, a stubborn Homosexual Agenda up to full "Same Sex Marriage", and even fragile Children's submission to the Power of Homosexual couples under "Adoption" Pretext, (inevitably, then, Followed by Atrocious, InHuman Exploitation of Poor Women by "Surrogacy", Massive, Costly and Dangerous Artificial Births of Human beings via "IVF" with systematic Pre-Natal Screenings, and other Technologies obviously Dangerous for all Humankind, (particularly when this is Combined with Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos : See Above), that Dems have recently tried to UnDemocraticaly Impose everywhere, provoking a Growing Popular Resistance, (as even several Human Rights, Regional and/or International Organisations have recently Denounced, especialy as far as Obama's Blackmail against Poor Countries is concerned).


+ Supporter of TURKISH Lobbies at New York already from 1999, i.e. when the outgoing Clinton Administration exploited an Earthquake incident in order to push the EU to accept Turkey as an unpopular Candidate for Accession in Europe, who provoked an unprecedented blockade in EU Integration, spread Islamisation, and threw more than 1,5 Million of irregular Muslim immigrants to that continent, including many ISIS' Terrorists among those who murdered civilian people in Paris on 2015, etc.

(That incident killed Thousands of Poor People with Shaky Homes scandalously Built wth unsecure Materials by unscrupulous Turkish Building Companies linked to Ankara's Government, after a Deep Sea Drilling Ship penetrated more than 60 km underground at Northern Anatolia's Seismic Fault near Dardanelles straights, throwing Water towards Magma layers, in a way which can notoriously provoke Quakes, as it was initialy found at a Colorado US Dam incident on 1975, followed by many other cases Worldwide more recently).

+ Turkish Prime Minister Erdogun Client of his 2016 Employer (see Firm) A notorious Propagandist of Islamization all over the World, including in Northern and Souhern America, Europe, Africa, etc., who claimed even that Muslim Mosques pre-existed in America before it was dicovered by Christoph Colomb (sic !), whose Turkish Government has notoriously tolerated and/or be compromised in Arms, Money and Jihadists' trafficking with ISIS Terrorists at Turkey's Borders to Syria and/or Iraq, as well as in stolen Oil Smuggling from ISIS-occupied territories, etc, in addition to an appalling record in Massive Violations of Human Rights, including recently, on Pretext of a strange, short-lived, 6h long "Coup Attempt" of July 2016, resulting in a November 2016 Resolution by EU Parliament asking for Sanctions against Turkey.
- Inside the USA, the Recent (2016) example of that Turkish migrant and ISIS-inspired Islamist Terrorist, scandalously given US "Citizenship" by Obama/Clinton, who Cowardly Murdered with a Rifle 5 Innocent Civilian People, mostly Elder Women and a Young Girl (!), at a Washington State Mall, while also Boasting for having, already ...Voted at least 3 Times, and Calling now to Push Hillary Clinton, is a clear Warning !
+Added even to that of a so-called "Young Turk" Web Blogger, provocatively Promoted by a fanaticaly pro-Dems MSM as "ABC", (that used to Systematicaly pretend that Hillary was always standig Too High in all Polls : Most of the Times abot + 12 % !), who urged to push "Green" Stein's (in fact : "Dem"'s Hillary's) Abusive demands for a "Re-Count" across all the "Blue Wall" States, (commencing from Wisconsin, where they'e just Lost again !), completes that Negative and Dangerous picture.

+ Moreover, it's also ...QATAR, (notoriously Linked, recently, both to Turkey and, particularly, to Arms Smuggling for various Islamist Terrorist Groups, including ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, mentioned during the Benghazi Deadly Attack against US Embassy on 2012, but also on 2015 Washington Experts' Reports on Jihadists' Funding), which stands among the Clients of Giuliani's Private Consulting Partners even after 2007...



- Just Before 9/11, during Giuliani's tenure as a N.Y. Mayor, a New Major Scyscraper complex Building is authorized and Starts Construction on 2000, at Columbus Circle, near Central Park, after a Long Popular Opposition, based on Sight and Clean Air concerns, supported by Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, was finaly muzzled, since her 1994 sudden Death by a last-minute discovered Lungs' Cancer.

It's the 1st major building to be Completed in Manhattan after the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, and soon replaced it as Office Building with the Highest Market Value in New York : Headquarters of "AOL Times Warner Center", which, in addition, Ressembles to WTC's famous "Twin Towers", includes "CNN" TV, (nowadays nick-named also ..."Clinton News Network", by Critical Supporters of Trump, at Web's Social Media).
The Site's owners : New York City's "Metropolitan Transportation Authority", had Refused, earlier, a bid by Donald Trump to build there what could have been, then, the Tallest Scyscraper in the World.

Instead, it's a ...Turkish designer, "Mustafa Kemal Abadan", together with David Shilds, who is Hired for AOL-TWC (built between 2000-2003), by "SOM" Architectural Firm from Chicago, one of the Biggest in the World, and co-Managed, then, by "Fazlur Rahman Khan", a Pakistani-Bangladesh origin engineer, designer of notable Buildings also in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. It's this same "SOM" Big Corporation which, soon afterwards, built the notorious "Burj Khalifa" scyscraper at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 2009-2010, which boasts to be (after NYC's Rejection of Trump's initial offer : See above), the Tallest Building in the Globe, until now, (located at the Arab peninsula, near Iraq and Iran).



- Shortly Before September 11, 2001 Mass Terrorist Attacks, but also soon afterwards, Giuliani, suddenly, gets a lot of Links to the BIO-TECH Lobby, which was, then, Angry against US President GWBush for fulfilling his PreElectoral Promisse to Protect Human Embryos from Genetic Manipulations by Technocrats' "Tests", with a Decision that he signed in the Middle of August 2001, (i.e. less than 1 Month before 911) :

Among various other such events, f.e., between early 2001 - 2003, a Pharma Industry Manager becomes his illegitimate GirlFriend and makes him Drop his Wife, resulting in a Divorce with Court inFight about the Children, etc. Meds find Prostate Cancer on him, pushed to undergo a Complex and Costly Therapy. One of the most Important and Controversial Clients of his subsequent Private Consulting Business is a Pharma Industry, which manages to make a Profitable Settlement with the Federal US Administration about a Controversial Drug. Even a real but secret Drug-Dealer manages to escape from punishment and broker a Deal with the Feds, thanks to Giuliani, (etc).


* GIULIANI's REAL 9/11 :



(a) WTC Victims' Families + Friends Excluded from "Ground Zero" and Threatened.

(b) WTC/911 Material Evidence and Human Remains skiped.

(c) WTC Flat RoofTop's Rescue Doors Blocked.

Introduction : TRUMP and 9/11

- A Radio-TV Interview of Donald Trump himself, taken at NY shortly after WTC's Collapse, back on 11/9/2001, revealed his initial Astonishment for the way 3 WTC Towers suddenly Fell Down Vertically, like in a Controlled Demolition, suddenly transformed a Thick Metal Steelcase surrounding all the Building, into a strange White Powder made out of Tiny Particles Flowing to the Wind, in a too "perfect" Collapse.

Since the Airplanes' Crash could not explain all that, Trump logically speculates in that INTW that, perhaps, some Hidden Explosive materials, might have been Added into the Scyscrapers, f.ex. by some Local Accomplices, etc.

+ In Addition, various Other Statements, made by Trump Recently, mainly during Public Meetings all the way through the 2015-2016 Primaries, reportedly contain various other, relevant Critical Observations about WTC Buildings' strange Total and "Perfectly" Vertical Collapse, which might, eventualy, indicate a Wish to further Explore and Investigate that thorny and ill-Elucidated matter, f.ex. by Making some New Enquiies on the spot Nowadays.

But, at any case, President-elect Donald Trump, should be at least Aware of the Fact that, whatever happens, just 1 thing is for sure :

>>> Several converging Facts clearly indicate that Former Mayor Giuliani, obvioulsy could NOT be Credible, Nor seriously enTrusted with any kind of responsible role in an eventual New Investigation on many 9/11 unanswered Questions, (be it from the point of view of Foreign Policy, or that of Security) !

Because :


(a) Giuliani against WTC Victims' Families + Friends Excluded from "Ground Zero" and Threatened.


+ (a) At First, Giuliani is the Only one to have, not only Hindered, but even Threatened (with Police Arrests and even Prison !) 9/11 Victims' Families and Friends, New York Fire Fighters, Rescue Workers, NGO's and/or Investigative Journalists, sincerely motivated Volunteers, etc., from Entering WTC's Ground Zero, just to Search for 911 Causes, and/or for the Remains of their BeLoved ones, etc., already as Early as since the Beginnig of October 2001...

Indeed, after a preliminary Check of the main Facts, and a Series of Intense Debates on very Concrete and Factual Questions, mainly around WTC's strange, Total Vertical "Collapse", which clearly indicated that something Fishy might have taken place, well beyond certain, unsatisfactory yet, Attempts to Explain what had really Happened and how, a Set of Urgent Calls had been Launched, and Messages had been send and exchanged, around those Groups of People who were the most immediately Affected by 911, to Go and Search, among WTC Debris at Ground Zero, any Pertinent Fact and Useful Material Evidence in that effect, before it might disappear, in one way or another.

Surprisingly, instead of being Glad and Grateful to all those sincerely interested and serious, well known People, comming to voluntarily Help Search and Rescue, as well as Evidence seeking and/or Human Remains gathering, free of charge, even at an exceptionaly UnHealthy environment as was, then, WTC's Ground Floor, on the Contrary, the Giuliani Administratiion of New York City, suddenly reacted very Negatively !
=> First it started to Reject People, Block Volunteers' Access to the spot, make Public Announcements against joining the collective efforts at Ground Zero, etc. And, Finally, NYC even Threatened NY Fire-Fighters and Victims' Families and Friends, including NY Cops, etc., to be ... Arrested (sic !), if they insisted into offering ther Help at Ground Zero, (which was, meanwhile, Fenced off the surrounding Manhattan area), Thrown to Prison (sic !), after being systematicaly Prosecuted, brought to Court, hastily Judged and Condemned... Even some among thore Heroic New York Fire-Fighters' Unions Chiefs were then apprehended or Threatened to be Scandalously arrested by Local Police..

Those Strange, Fishy "Orders" were Transmitted or Published in Practice mostly by and/or on Behalf of Giuliani's Long-Time Personal Collaborator, (Both during his Tenure as NY Mayor, f.ex. on 2001, and Afterwards, as Private Consulting Partner, until 2006), that he had Appointed as Head of Security, the notorious Kerik, a former Prison Guard, that former US President GWBush had the Good Idea to rapidly Drop from an initialy Top Job, where Giuliani had pushed him, after several Honest People started to Protest, just before he was found even to Exploit Irregular Aliens provoding Cheap Work Services at his Home, where Maintainance was even provided by a Shady Compagny managed by a Guy reportedly linked to Thugs and/or some Criminal NY Networks, (for which he was, later-on, indicted).

However, Kerik has also reportedly Warned that those concerned People's Attempts to Reach "Ground Zero", volunteering for various Urgent Search and Rescue Operations on the spot, had, in fact, Irritated some "Higher" level Officials, standing "Above" him, (i.e., practicaly, Mayor Giuliani, personaly himself), as various relevant inscriptions in NY Fire-Fighters emails and/or Forums, etc. had attested then, so that he (Kerik) would have been Obliged to Take Action against those People, in a Rapid and Drastic way...


(b) WTC/911 Material Evidence and Human Remains thrown out.

++ (b) Those Thick and Heavy Metalic Columns and Beams, made of Steel, at WTC's Exo-Sceleton, (to which Don Trump noticed in his 9/11 Interview), were almost what Remained, in Broken Pieces, but more or less Intact, from the Huge Scyscrapers, after their Strange Collapse, which almost Pulverized anything else. They were, moreover, WTC's original Design's main Structural elements, as Trump also described.

Therefore, they were a very Precious part of available Material Evidence on what had Happened to the WTC's Towers on 9/11, and one may have legitimately Expected that all Investigators would have done their outmost to Carefully Preserve them intact, Accessible and Safe, the Longest possible, in order to Examine them thoroughly by all Competent Technical Experts, Test Various Interesting Hypothesis on them about Different Possible Scenarios more or less able to Explain the whole Tragedy, etc., until a Final and Convincing Conclusion might have been reached.

But, on the Contrary, Mr. Giuliani's NYC local Administration, Surprizingly came also to AnOther Conflct with 9/11 Victims' Families and Friends, as well as various Independent NGOs, Experts, and other Investigating People, by curiously Proving to be Eager to get Rapidly Rid of all those Precious Pieces of Evidence of Horrible Mass Crimes, by Throwing them Massively Away, and even Definitively Destroying Most, if not All of them, Too Early, Despite a lot of Previous Warnings, Timely Appeals, and Stern Denunciations by various Loudly Protesting People, including, particularly, "Scyscraper Safety" NGO Founder, Sally Regenhard, Mother of young New York Fight-Fighter Christian Regenhard, among those who went "Missing" while trying to Help other People trapped inside the WTC Buildings hit by Islamic Terrorists' Hijacked Airplanes, (See Further Below, at point C).

Indeed, Regenhard and others were still Vainly Repeating their Calls, even Directly Adressed to Giuliani, in order to Safeguard WTC's precious Material Evidence until a serious and inedependent Enquiry starts, when, Suddenly, without any real Warning, an Helicopter-equiped Investigative N.Y. WebNews Site Reveals a lot of Astonishing Video-shootings Showing that Most of WTC's Steal and other Debris had, in fact, already been Secretly Taken Out of Manhattan's "Ground Zero" area, and Thrown, far Away, at New Jersey's "Fresh Kills Landfill" !

+ There, amidst an area often used in order to Throw and ReCycle various Detritus, several 9/11 Victims' Families and Friends, have the Shock to Discover that even "Missing" Persons' Human Remains had, in fact, been Found there, abandoned among differend kinds of other Debris...

Thus, "IAFF", (the International Association of Fire Fighters), Denounced, in an Official Letter, the Fact that Giuliani rushed too Hastily to get rid of all those WTC's Debris, that he even Prevented the Remains of Many Victims from being Recovered : - Indeed, since "Hundreds remained entombed in Ground Zero when Giuliani gave up on them", then, "Mayor Giuliani's actions meant that (New York) Fire Fighters and Citizens who Perished (at 9/11), would Either remain Buried at Ground Zero forEver, with No Closure for Families, Or be removed like Garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill", IAFF's Letter accused, while its Lawyers, reportedly Seeked to Question Giuliani under Oath, in the framework of a Federal Legal Action alleging that, under his Tenure as a Mayor, NYCity Negligently Dumped various Human Body Parts, and other Human Remains, in New Jersey's Fresh Kills Landfill...

+ In Addition, Shortly Afterwards, a First Independent Enquiry, ordered by then US President GWBush, at the Demand of Victims' Families and Many other People, from the Beginning of 2002, by a National Association of American Architects, clearly Denounced, right from the Start, the Fact that, after what had been just done by the Out-going former NY Mayor Giuliani, from Now on, there were No More really Enough Material Evidence for a fully-fledged, easy and Efficient Investigation on what Realy Happened at the WTC Towers on 9/11, (See Above).

Similar subsequent Problems, inevitably Hampered, in Fact, even a much More Profound and Systematic Technical Investigation on WTC/911, (ordered also by GWBush after Strong Popular Criticism on the Hasty Conclusions of those Architects' only a Few Months-long Query), for a Multi-Annual, now, Enquiry by a team of Federal Technical Experts, which was Published, Later-on, in 2005, and had also to Face Difficulties by such a Restriction or Lack of Sufficient Material Evidence, despite the fact that it initialy as Abudant, before Mr. Giuliani's Strange rush.


(c) WTC Flat RoofTop's Rescue Doors Blocked.


+++ (c) In Addition, Mayor Giuliani's strange Decision, curiously taken Shortly before 9/11/2001, to Prohibit Helicopter Flights over Manhattan, (a usual Touristic Sightseing in the Past), and its New York City Administration's Parallel move to Block all WTC's Rescue Doors leading to its Flat RoofTop, (without even adequately Informing the Thousands of People Working eveyday there), scandalously and Tragically Hindered many Trapped but Surviving Victims' desperate Attempts, after the Planes' Crash, to Escape Fire by stepping up accross WTC's Stairs, to Reach the Giant Skuscrapers' Top (or, at least, Windows), from where a Lot of Existing Helicopters (even Near WTC 1) might have Transported them Away, Saving their Lives.

According to "New York Times", about 1.600-1.800 People had Survived the Planes' crash, but were Trapped between the Impact area and those scandalously Blocked Access to WTC's Flat RoofTops, Near which existed, however, an Heliport, which could obviously have Helped to Rescue a lot of Survivors, instead of Abandonning them Closed Inside that Fatal Building, during several Hours, until it Collapsed...

Some of them even Phoned to their Beloved ones, (f.ex; Wife, Mother, Son or Friends, etc), to Voice their Anger, Frustration and Anguish, after Finding those Rescue Doors, normaly Designed to give Free Access to WTC's Flat Top, being Blocked, even without any previous Warning for the People who were Working there, while not even one among the many Helicopters which were Scandalously Condemned to remain Idle Nearby, didn't ever reach a RoofTop, Not even a Window of WTC Buildings' Upper Floors, where, on the Contrary, several Desperate, slyly Trapped People, were pushed to Jump ou, towards their Death, or suffocate by the Fire's Smoke inside a Room, until their Voice Brutaly Disappeared, when those Scyscrapers started their Strange Collapse (See Above), amidst a Spooky, strident Sound like a Whirlepool of Particles made of Sand violently Thrown down into a Hosepipe, as a Tragic Wife was shocked to hear her Husband go Missing for ever...


=> In Conclusion : No more such Old Establishment's RINO Giulianis and their likes, Please !....

People Struggled, Voted and Elected Don Trump, for a Big Change towards a Really New, Crystal-Clear Era, resolutely Advancing to MAGA...

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