women in politics

Two problems I saw.

1) Women, or rather people in general, in the D.C. area aren't going to be more than marginally more aware of politics than anyone else. With all the news available, the only people who aren't politically aware would only be made more politically aware if they lived inside the Capitol. However, people in the D.C. area are far more likely to be liberal. This should have been taken into account before she used these few women as a cross-section of the country.

2) Women, just like everybody else, aren't cookie-cutter voters. Some women vote for this guy, some for this guy. "Women" isn't a demographic as easily wrapped up and chunked into the vote talley wholesale as labor groups, special interests, or even entire races of people. Women are as diverse in thought and demeanor as men, so the idea that a single candidate could get the 'woman vote' is ludicrous.
Women voters: This story makes it out like some kind of new thing never done before ....Living outside the beltway I can agree we get better news on politics than anywhere else in the country and we get more of it because of our location. But not all the women are going to vote for that douche bag Hilterary. I believe we all know she might not make it in 08 but she opened the doors for the Pelosis and others like them in the future. It is a big money deal and a real distraction at best.

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