Why you should Vote for Trump.


Sep 25, 2015
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When you look at both candidates for president you have to decide, Clinton or Trump ? After thinking about it. Clinton just seems to be too manual almost as though she whould be more of the same old thing in Washinton with no change to anything at all. Plus, Who wants to stand her lies about her rediculas E-mail problems ? Trump on the other hand, even though he isn't the best debater, is the kind of leader that hires the best people to do the job and I think he will bring change in Washington and put U.S. jobs back into production, fixing our economy, which will be better for America. Thats why I decided to vote for Trump and thats why you should as well !

So, if you havn't gone to the poll's yet to vote I encourage you to get to the poll's and vote for Trump !
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Jun 21, 2014
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Kievan Rus'
By Robert Bridge, an American writer and journalist, working in Moscow:

"The meteoric rise of Donald Trump, the Republican front runner who is giving the Establishment 3D nightmares, is the natural outcome of a political system that has been arrogantly ignoring the will of the American electorate for many years.

“The Republican establishment… are in bed with the Democrats. So if Hillary wins, nothing is lost for them. It’s business as usual. The lobbyists keep their offices on K Street, the pharmaceutical companies keep paying them… and the lawmakers get their re-election bribes - I mean, contributions.”

Here is my personal reason for supporting Trump. Aside from his inspiring message of securing America’s border, ending US military adventures and reinvigorating the US economy, a Trump presidency will halt America’s slide towards family dynasties ruling the country like hereditary monarchies.

But there’s simply no way the Washington elite will willingly release their grip on the most powerful office in the world, even if such a thing would mean restoring some of America's former shine."

America faces its moment of Trump

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