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Why KESC keep difference consumerÂ’s when conducting load shedding in SOLDIER BAZAR


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Mar 4, 2011
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Karachi, Pakistan
Why KESC keep difference consumerÂ’s when conducting load shedding in SOLDIER BAZAR & Clifton ANY justify
I am much surprised and shocked when to inform why KESC adopt a totally wrong practice to make load shedding with a difference in Karachi city.

I am giving a example of KESC load shedding conducting in SOLDIER BAZAR and Clifton ( near Clifton Bridge area ) which is a big difference.

Loadshedding In Soldier Bazar Area
In area of Soldier Bazar 3 times load shedding fixed as ( BATA rates ) in morning, than in after noon and in Night and duration of all load shedding upto the desire or mood of KESC authority but now a days not less than 1.30 hrs duration, which means 4.50 Hours load shedding in this area by KESC

Loadshedding In Clifton Area ( near Clifton bridge )
In area of Clifton bridge side 1 times load shedding fixed as ( BATA rates ) which is in in after noon and I am not aware regarding in Night that KESC conducting load shedding or not. But more interesting to share duration of load shedding is only 1 Hr period. But some time no load-shedding in entire day? Which is very surprise?

There are many area which such problem frequent basis faced by many KESC consumerÂ’s but the KESC doing load shedding accordingly to its wishes or mood if conduct load shedding according to pre-schedule and strictly follow the timing than benefits for all but I do not understand why KESC still not fixed on fixed load shedding schedule to all area wise.

If higher management of KESC awake than do not waste time but take a immediate notice and question for what reasons load shedding conducting by a great difference perhaps KESC relative or friends are living in Clifton area that reasons they are avoiding to conduct load shedding?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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