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Debate Now What should be the goal of our prison system?

What say you?

  • Reformation

    Votes: 6 13.6%
  • Hard time

    Votes: 7 15.9%
  • A mix of both

    Votes: 21 47.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 10 22.7%

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Mr Clean

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Aug 23, 2009
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The goal?

To keep those that can’t behave in a civilized manner away from the rest of us who can.


Gold Member
Jun 19, 2009
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So as you all know I speak from a bit of experience but I see what I consider crazy posts on the subject all the time.

For those that don't know I was sentenced to 5 to 15 at the age of 16. I was all about ME and as a result all the group homes and foster homes couldn't save me. So let's get to the point...

There seem to be two different mindsets to felons and imo BOTH are wrong. Some say "throw away the key's " while others say "no bail"

Well i can speak somewhat to the no bail position. My grandmother bailed me out time after time and all it achieved what to deepen my boldness because i considered myself untouchable. She wasn't a bad woman, she just blindly loved me. Basically she played the role of a bleeding heart liberal with their no bail bullshit.
The flipside to that is the people that think simply locking people up and forgetting about them solves the problem.

Recividisom is a major problem in the prison population. You lock a man up and hold him in a hole for years. Then suddenly he gets his freedom and just like before he went in he has no tools to cope with society. He's kicked into a halfway house for 30 days and then suddenly, after years of being treated like a dog in a kennel, is expected to function in society. No one will hire him except the people who want the tax credits available to them. Those same employers abuse the employees under the threat of "reporting them"

Imo every convict that isn't convicted of violent crimes should be offered basic educational classes and should be REQUIRED to finish a trade school vocation before being eligible for release.
When I was in prison vocational education was an option and not required. I took it to get the fuck out of my cell and that was the only reason. That vocation that i used for a sense of freedom is likely the only reason i am free today.

We have to "arm" convicts with the skills to succeed. Or we can simply lock them up and hope to God they dont become our or our children's neighbors when they get out.


My first attempt at a not troll debate in this forum.
I read that I'm supposed to make three rules but I have no idea what that means?
No insults
No partisan bs
Tell me I'm cool

Yeah, I like those three rules.....GO!
I had a whole prison reform plan drawn up for Wardens and volunteer speakers to utilize, but I can't find the doc file.
Basic jest of it is to teach common sense reasoning anyone can grasp that their joy & ease in prison and once back out (like a retreat or camp-paradise) or pain and suffereing (like their own hell hole) is their choice collectively and shared in how they choose to live inside and outside in treating and enjoying each other's comradery, instead of choosing egos and pride challenging and annoying each other making life miserablly tense and violent.
Their choice inside to live in a safe overnight camp environment vs a dangerous prison is collectively theirs. 1 goes by fast, while the other makes sentences go by painstakingly slow and miserable, that's if you make it that far alive.
The concept is the same for the outside world and spiritually the choice of heavenly paradise or hell on earth.

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