What Do Democrats Think We Gain From Having Democrat Control ?


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Oct 20, 2013
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There need not be anything more said here. Just the question of the OP, is the whole OP. Don't be shy, Democrats. Tell us what you really think.


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Jun 29, 2013
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There need not be anything more said here. Just the question of the OP, is the whole OP. Don't be shy, Democrats. Tell us what you really think.
All they are gaining is enough antithesis to ensure a complete rout in the next two elections and we start the cycle all over again. It's time for a third party ...



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Jan 21, 2010
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My Democrat friends have been using this to push and demand MORE federalized nationalized policies on health care, canceling student loans, raising minimum wage, taxes based on wealth (I have been getting more and more posts on FB trying to justify taking money based on people "earning too much" as some kind of moral obligation to tax them to help the poor), and generally pushing to rely on federal govt for social programs, protections and forced legislation and mandates.

These are the people who BELIEVE that equal justice and rights DEPENDS on centralizing these through federal authority as the ONLY way to ensure equal rights to health care, jobs, education etc. That is their system when they don't believe or have faith that people can manage programs and resources BETTER through states, churches, nonprofits, business or even PARTIES as I suggest.

My liberal Democrat and progressive friends who believe in depending on govt for rights and protections generally do not believe the people have the ability to set up jobs, training and management locally and independent of govt setting it up.

As a Constitutionalist who agrees more with Conservatives and Libertarians on minimizing limited govt and maximizing individual liberty and democratic self govt, I believe this liberal overreach with govt is part of the PROCESS of eventually shifting these programs BACK to the people to learn to govern locally.

But since there is such a huge gap in education, training, experience and knowledge of how to govern and manage social programs independently (as Conservatives preach about but don't offer means of training everyone in how to be self-reliant and self governing financially and politically), then it appears we are going through this phase of pushing social programs into Govt first.

From there it is up to Conservatives to demand to democratize the process and reward people for taking back responsibility and managing resources directly.

But for the majority of people who don't have that access or ability, this is why Liberals and Democrats find it easier to put Govt in charge.

To them, this is a positive first step, similar to pushing more health care into federal govt through Obama. Now they will try to push their whole party platform and belief system into Govt to nationalize, where everyone depends on federal govt for financial, educational, health care and other assistance.

This is their way of equalizing "protections" for all people.

Push it into Govt jurisdiction first. Then reform the mess later that this creates.

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