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Vegas, baby!

Dec 5, 2006
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Outside Tulsa, Oklahoma
Yeah, that's where I am right now, or more accurately, about a 30 minute drive from Vegas. I've never been here before, and I gotta say...I was expecting to see about 5,000 casinos on every street, but there's actually about 60 million!!! Me and my dad drove down the Strip on Thursday night, and there's a hell of a lot of lights.

The LV people are pretty uptight about their gambling laws...I got bitched at several times by some chick just for walking past the slot machines too closely (that was at the airport). He played the slots for a few minutes and won nothing, just like I told him he would. I was getting hungry so I went over to Starbucks and got a frappucino...and the price? $6.70!!! For about 10 ounces!!! Starbucks is a bitch everywere, but when you add airport taxes and Vegas taxes...damn!

My dad was tripping out when he saw the price of gas: $3.60 in the middle of Vegas, $3.75 in Laughlin, Nevada, and $4.12 in Needles, CA. Good God!!!

Anyway, I think we're driving back up there today or tomorrow to find some places to eat and somewhere I can find cheapish souvenirs. Anybody know where I can get an embroidered T-shirt for under $50?!?

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