Trump fails on abortion issue

So now its NOT a state issue? If thats the case how until Congress tries to ban it?

To quote Aliens: "You had your chance Gorman!"
65,000 rapes that resulted in pregnancy have been forced to be brought to term since Roe was over turned.

That’s horrible

We need to codify Roe into law. And that can only be done with a Dem Senate, a Dem House, and a Dem President
I've always wondered why libs are perfectly content with killing and murdering the innocent while going to a prison and protesting a convicted murderer who raped and killed an innocent person.
We finally figured out why Trump is suddenly pro life. Besides him being too old to get it up anymore. He needs a sucker born every minute.
Proposing a return to Roe vs Wade is hardly a hard right position.

He is wanting to be liked by loons like you, which will never happen.

He is just an idiot is all.

How come Republicans are changing their positions suddenly on abortion?

GOP Senate Candidates Are Racing To Rewrite Past Abortion Positions. Democrats Are Counting On Voters To See Through It.​

Sam Brown, the likely Nevada Republican nominee is hoping that a splashy interview alongside his wife is enough to cancel out his anti-abortion record.

Beyond Brown, the leading Republican Senate candidates in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan are similarly hoping that voters will trust their more moderate statements as candidates this cycle, rather than judge them for toeing the socially conservative line years or even months earlier.

“The default assumption about Republicans is ‘national ban,’ and then people associate Democrats with women’s rights,” said a national Republican strategist, who requested anonymity to speak freely about their party’s Senate strategy.

Tackling abortion head-on the way Brown has is a departure from the approach of several Republican candidates in key races in 2022, who either tried to ignore the issue, or to deflect from their own positions by accusing Democrats of wanting to abort fetuses until the point of birth.

America is pro-choice and voters will see right through Republicans desperate attempt to cover up their radical anti-abortion record during an election year,”
23Feb09 ¥ Independentthinker ¥ #8 “I fail to understand the idea that murdering a fetus is actually "healthcare". {{When relationships is mother/fetus and if m kills f there is no murder possible.”

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Republican Confederate, Saint Independentthinker, wants to Make American treatment of black People and women Great Again like it was in 1864 in the territory of Arizona when Slavery was still legal snd Women Could Not Vote and a white Christian Male Pedophile could write laws that force full term gestation on all women ~ oh yes. The MAGA glorious days.
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Trump is now pushing for a 16 week ban on abortion, after having Roe vs. Wade pass the buck to the states.

What is he thinking? He claims he can broker a deal with the right and Left on the issue, a position that is delusional.

Why did Trump come up with the arbitrary number 16 weeks? Who the hell knows. It's a nice round number. Yay.

Trump has no interest in assessing when human like begins and could really care less. But Trump has no idea what he has unleashed with the Left after turning it over to the states. What he has unleashed are democrats passing Constitutional amendments all around the country that don't give time limits to abortion, making abortion more liberal than before Roe vs. Wade. In fact, since Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, there have been more abortions performed.

The Left has zero interest in negotiating with anyone about anything, especially the abortion issue which defines them and their morals.

Trump is a moron.

pro-choice morals are founding generation morals

Abortion laws are not laid

During the late 18th century, abortion was not a safe medical procedure but when a woman or her husband wanted it to happen the women took care of it. There was an unofficial contingent of midwives that came together whenever a woman was pregnant and did not want to be.

In every town, village and city It was not considered a crime, essentially prior to viability, in a condition referred to back then as quickening. After quickening, it was considered a misdemeanor mostly to prevent midwives from harming their patient by unsafe practices after the fetus become too far along.

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