The most overrated food ever

Dirt McGirt

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Dec 19, 2006
I had heard from someone a while ago that there was this one place to go to and hang out at and that it was a pretty laid back place. So I said hey what the hell, I gave it a shot. While I was there, I saw this poster saying how hot this one dish was, that nobody could handle it, and that it couldn't be beat. I have to say that it was some pretty shameless and exaggerated self-promotion. So after reading about how big and bad it was and after I had it pushed upon me, I decided to give it a go and tried it out. After all, there was this one grumpy doctor who was in there just destroying it like it was nothing. So after settling into the place, I finally got the opportunity to bite into it. OMG, I couldn't believe it! It actually screamed like a little bitch. Not like one of those manly yells, but like a high pitched, whiney, schoolgirl yell. If food were genderfied, you would have thought it was a gay homosexual for sure. Anyways, I could have eaten it all in one sitting but got kicked out the joint before I could finish it off. I laughed my ass off at how pussified that little dish was after all that false advertising. Totally overrated. If you guys ever see one of these posters talking about how great it is, don't waste your time. It was the weakest thing I've ever sunk my teeth into.


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Shoot, that sounds bad. I hope the drinks were good! :cool:

Shit, who knows if the drinks were good. After spilling my drink, I ripped the poster up and wiped the floor with it. Got kicked out shortly thereafter.
Uh, pardon me for asking, but what the hell is that thing supposed to be? A Breakfast Taco?

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