The evil 'Mr. Rogers'


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Aug 12, 2009
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His son and daughter in law are friends of mine. This is really ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Mr. Rogers was not an evil man. Mr. Rogers was the son of one of the founders of RCA Victrola. His father was the R in the RCA. When Mr. Rogers father died the entire city came out to line the streets and bid him farewell - he was known as a generous man who paid the way for many waitresses and others in the community to go to college.

He was fabulously wealthy and owned a 200 yr old home in Nantucket. His sons were very humble men, not flashy, neither was Mr. Rogers, he drove a Chevy Cavalier - I saw it. The problem with Fox News is that they feel they are justified in reporting such lies under the guise of entertainment. It is bitterly cruel and my sympathy goes out to his family and his especially his wife who certainly doesn't need to learn of such nonsense. Very trashy. Fox has no class. - Jeri
That's all the likes of the FOXNEWS news, lies and propaganda. One would do well to avoid that kooky network least not take it seriously, because it isn't a serious news network.


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Mar 4, 2013
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Dog House in back yard
why would anyone compare Mr. Rogers to Rushbo? I mean even if you don't find Rushbo to be a disgusting propagandist for personal profit, Mr. Rodgers was not about current events and politics.

However, why pillory Fox? Sure, there message is divisive, and they cater to a white straight population that considers themselves set up, or victims, of a secular, mutli-cultural majority that expects govt to deliver solutions to THEIR problems.

But no media outlet runs a story unless it appeals to its viewing segment. Cambell Brown on Morning Joe does a piece on teachers' unions protecting pedophile teachers. Up pops the Rev Al to defend unions. Not gonna go Scott Walker here.

The question is WTF does this story say about Fox viewers? Do they need to blame Mr. Rodgers cause their kids suck at college? I mean I really don't know, but it can't be a good thing. LOL

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