The curious case of Count Dankula and his "Nazi pug" or why no one trusts the media

Another mini update due to Trial being postponed to July 29, 2017:

He clearly tells you his intention in the original video that he was just trying to annoy his girlfriend who thought their pug was so cute by making the pug do the most non-cute thing he could think of, which is to make it sieg heil like a Nazi. He also clearly states in the original video that he doesn't hate anyone based on race or religion and is only doing this to mess with his girlfriend (who he is still in a relationship with).

The media ran wild with it and basically fabricated news to make him look like a Neo Nazi or something.

This type of bullshit has also been done to other big YouTubers, most notably, PewDiePie and Colin Moriarty (previously of Kinda Funny Games and IGN).

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