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  1. LeroyDumonde

    More Video Game Footage Presented As Real

    I don't know how I missed this last week. This is obviously video game footage and several news outlets are treating it as real. We've reached a new level of clown world.
  2. Ancient lion

    Fake news alert: "40-babies massacre" is an online propaganda..but hundreds were bombed by Israel

    “From unsubstantiated accusations of Palestinian fighters raping Israeli women to unsubstantiated accusations of Palestinian fighters beheading babies: These claims have spread like wildfire especially thanks to many journalists who are repeating things without any semblance of critical thinking...
  3. The Original Tree

    60 Minutes Shows it's Fangs

    Now you know what The President Deals with every day. Tired worn out loaded question after loaded question filled with hostility, that have been repeatedly answered. How does he do it?
  4. EvilEyeFleegle

    As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place

    I guess this makes sense3..an entire fake news operation..dressed up Up look like the everyday newspaper. What a surprise..ran by the Republican operatives https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/18/technology/timpone-local-news-metric-media.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab The sites appear as ordinary...
  5. B

    FAKE NEWS is on the PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT...thanks to Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is such a pathetic politician, that after 43 years in Public Service he has very little he can point to as an accomplishment, MUCH to criticize, and must rely on FAKE NEWS to give his campaign its issues. Examples of FAKE NEWS...The Russian Collusion Hoax, the $750.00 paid income tax...
  6. B

    Putting Fake News Aside...PUTIN would be ECSTATIC with a BIDEN PRESIDENCY

    First, Putin NEVER favored TRUMP. That was a Deep State TREASONOUS Criminal Hoax, which very well could implicate Biden. The reasons PUTIN would favor Biden. 1) Fossil fuels........the US now produces more oil then Russia, with oil being Russia's number 1 source of income. Eliminating...
  7. J

    VOTERS BEWARE: Are you basing your vote on propaganda a lies?

    There is a relentless and concerted effort taking place among political partisan journalists, and Democrats running for office, to win this coming election based upon outright lies and deceptions about our President, while avoiding a discussion about the Democrat Party Leadership’s specific...
  8. Bob Blaylock

    Links to paywalled or otherwise blocked content should not count…

    I know that in some contexts, an OP is required on this forum to contain a link to an article supporting the points made in the OP. I would like to propose that wherever a link is required, it should also be required that the content at that link be easily and freely available; that links to...
  9. Cellblock2429

    Chuck Todd caught deceptively editing video and lying.

    Now every time libtards defend the LSM, we can point to this evidence. NBC News' Chuck Todd aired a deceptively edited clip of Attorney General Bill Barr discussing the Michael Flynn case during his "Meet the Press" broadcast on Sunday, prompting the network to concede the mistake hours later...
  10. Hellbilly

    Seattle NPR Station Says It Will No Longer Carry Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Live Because Of Misinformation

    Once again, whatever Trump says, the idiots on this board parrot, word for word. Common sense, on the other hand, dictates if the spread of Covid19 increases with exposure to other people, avoid other people. Seems simple enough, even for trumpers. Maybe not. trumpers are not too bright.
  11. The Original Tree

    What will be the Next Fake News Bombshell be tomorrow?

    Maybe there isn’t enough time to do it but I’m counting on my Libtards to be consistent. Put your best guess here in this thread and the winner gets to change my avatar pic for a month if you get it right more or less!
  12. EvilEyeFleegle

    CDZ The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News

    This study just bears out my long-held beliefs about social media..and those that depend on it for their information: The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News - The Atlantic - Pocket The article is long..and well worth reading..a small quote: "The massive study analyzes...
  13. Terri4Trump

    Here’s the Worst Parts of CNN’s Deranged Hatefest After Trump’s Fourth of July Speech

    ME: I saw a little of this live and was disgusted. They literally struggled to find any negativity they could in this great event. The blonde host was actually forced to say some positive things. The most disgusting player, retired Rear Admiral John Kirby who was just a pig. I Googled him: He is...
  14. P@triot

    Once people realize you’re lying, they tend to tune out

    We continue to see ratings plummet for the liars... Rachel Maddow's ratings collapse after Mueller probe closes — and she's not the only one
  15. Frankenvoter

    Presstitutes playing with themselves

    This nations presstitutes are political activists who will get an idea in the tiny little brains they have, decide everyone needs to think that way, and then write stories to try and influence the public ESPECIALLY around election time, the piece of shits. Gives them a case of the giggles it...
  16. toobfreak

    Your News Tonight Is One Big Lie

    I was watching a rerun of the old game show: WHAT's MY LINE of all things, so I don't have a link for this, but the mystery guest was actually a world expert in crises and calamities. They had spent years studying hurricanes, tornadoes and disasters and found an amazing thing out: THERE WAS A...
  17. Frankenvoter

    Hill's dog food, Kielbasa recalls

    Alternate thread title: News you can use, but probably didn't hear about in the "news" (because they're playing CYA after an attempted coup) It looks like I cant post the links I'd like, I need to be here for another day or so, but if you go to foodsafetynews dot kom you'll be able to find the...
  18. JGalt

    Next up on House agenda: Investigating Trump's Attacks On 'Fake News' Media

    Apparently the House Democrats have taken up the issue of President Trump attacking their propaganda machine, and believe that he must be stopped. In a bold move just to show how they're overplaying their hand, the House Democrats reportedly are planning to open an official investigation into...
  19. T

    Fake News & Biased Sources

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Expertly Laid a Trap to Get Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Right from the headline, please note this is a heavily left-leaning article. The source can be considered the same, yet they advertise as 'Independent Journalism'. "Expertly Laid a Trap?" Can the media at least...
  20. AsianTrumpSupporter

    NBC reporter, William Arkin, quits NBC due to media "Trump circus" encouraging perpetual war

    Democracy Now is pretty leftist, but I thought this was pretty interesting.
  21. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Vice Media to layoff 10% of its staff

    Vice Media Latest Digital Media Operation To Undergo Layoffs Vice Media is the latest media company to be swept up in a recent wave of layoffs, as publishers struggle for profits in an advertising world dominated by large internet companies. Chief Executive Officer Nancy Dubuc announced a...
  22. RodISHI

    Measles emergency in Measles emergency in Washington state is just another ploy from a

    The measles emergency in Washington state is just another slimy ploy from a lawyer politician doing what they do best, whoring and selling their constitutes out for corporate thugs. Fox News equals fake news shills for big pharma. Notice that baby's arm in their photo where it looks like the...
  23. HaShev

    Jeffrey Tobin inadvertantly called the Dems a Totalitarian Authority

    The MSM mimic of a fake NY Times news article about a comment that was denied claiming Trump talked about a "considered" investigation against Hillary and Comey (both would be valid by evidence but never occured and was "not discussed" as claimed by the syncronized fake news story.) JEFFREY...
  24. J

    MSM - Fake News - Romaine Lettuce - Thanksgiving Caesar Salad

    MSM - Fake News - Romaine Lettuce - Thanksgiving Caesar Salad If people seriously believe the MSM is Fake News, why would they believe and how would they know about the Romaine Lettuce Dossier I wonder how many people who support Trump or others who attack the msm, have the courage of their...
  25. BookShaka

    Educated white women were already recoiling from Trump. Then came Kavanaugh.

    LOL all fucking day long. If only the doofus who wrote this knew anything about anything. I’m very educated. I’m white... I guess the author doesn’t include the ability to use logic and common sense among his criteria. He does, I’m sure, include the need for rampant confirmation bias otherwise...
  26. BookShaka

    Kavanaugh photo displaying disgusted women isn’t what people think it is

    Imagine that. People are circulating a photo under false pretenses and thus brainwashing more and more weaklings. I, for one, am shocked. Why Circulating The Kavanaugh Photo Is Doing More Harm Than Good
  27. HaShev

    MSM changes Microsoft news story

    Microsoft anounces it stoped Russian hackers from hacking the GOP. MSM reports: Microsoft stops Russian hackers attacking *opponents* of the GOP. I think it was either MSNBC or Bloomberg, but this is what the people are calling fake news and enemy to the people by "PURPOSELY" rewriting the...
  28. HaShev

    At least 300 news sources prove their stupidity, hypocracy, & Trump Syndrom

    At least 300 news sources and CNN especially proved how dumb and hypocritical they were when in cohoots all cried to have rights to voice their opinion, by claiming Trumps right to voice his opinion on the media was unacceptable. SO BASICALLY they are against anyone but them (the consortium)...
  29. MindWars

    Facebook, apple purge infowars for hate speech

    Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for 'Hate Speech' | Breitbart The Masters of the Universe at Facebook and Apple have censored InfoWars pages and podcasts on their platforms, both claiming Alex Jones and company engage in “hate speech.” Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for 'Hate Speech' | Breitbart...
  30. P@triot

    Democrats continue to fleece their minions

    Freaking hilarious...the leadership on the left continues to lie to their minions and the minions continue to fork over their money without questioning anything. Facebook fundraiser peddling ‘fake news’ photo of crying Honduran girl raises insane amount of money

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